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Vision-Aid presents The Seven Selfless Sovereigns
Vision-Aid presents The Seven Selfless Sovereigns, is Broadway Style Musical with English Narration and Sub-Titles to make this spectacular production accessible to all. The stories are from the Sangam era, highlighting the nobility, philanthropy and spontaneous generosity of the 7 Chieftains. Each episode's breathtaking storyline is intertwined to describe the different habitats, culture and traditions of the locals.

Date: 08/01/2021
Location: Online Virtual Event. Register at www.VisionAid.org/event
Time: 4 PM US EDT

Organized By: Vision-Aid Incorporated

Cost: $30

Contact: Please contact tickets@VisionAid.org or info@VisionAid.org for any questions. You can also call 781-333-5252

Web: www.visionaid.org/event
Email: tickets@visionaid.org

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