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South Asian Showdown - Best Bollywood/Fusion Dance Competition
The South Asian Showdown is a national competition with great bollywood/fusion teams from all over North America that come to Boston. Bollywood/Fusion is a style of dance from India that is based out of the state of Mumbai that highlights the Bollywood industry. This will be the 11th year and we have sold out the event with over 1100 people every year! We have teams that put on a showcase to an audience made up of 50% south asians and 50% non-south asians. We take great pride in this event! This is a fantastic event for families with kids of all ages. Anybody who likes culture and music will really enjoy this event! We will also have great food being sold throughout the event as well! Visit: www.southasianshowdown.com for more information or to buy tickets.

Date: 02/29/2020
Location: John Hancock Hall 180 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02210
Time: 6 PM

Organized By: South Asian Nation & Boston Bhangra

Cost: $25 - $100

Contact: 617-448-2508

Web: http://www.southasianshowdown.com
Email: info@southasianshowdown.com
Directions: Intersection of Berkeley and Stuart Street

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