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yoga teacher training scholarships
We at Yoga TTC Scholarship, are the group of few yoga enthusiast people who are practicing yoga for last more than 10 years with educational qualifications like masters and PhD in Yoga. We are living in Rishikesh and also running yoga teacher training scholarship programs for those who are financially unable to take up regular yoga courses due to high fee charges. So we are offering yoga scholarship programs for 200 hour and 300 hour yoga courses at our ashram in Rishikesh. https://yogateachertrainingscholarship.com

Date: 09/29/2019
Organized By: Yogattc Scholarships

Web: https://yogateachertrainingscholarship.com
Email: yogattcscholarships@gmail.com
Directions: The yoga teacher training scholarships in India is a way of imparting the yogic knowledge to all the students who are passionate about yoga

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