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Harvard: India Conference 2019
The India Conference is one of the largest student-run conferences focusing on India in the USA. It is jointly organized by students of Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. The 16th edition of the Conference is being organized on February 16th and February 17th, 2019 in Boston. The theme is ‘India at an inflection point’.

At the 16th edition of India Conference at Harvard, we aim to bring together India’s thought leaders for a weekend of discussions and brainstorming sessions to unravel the exciting opportunities that lay ahead for our country. The conference has a strong legacy of bringing together politicians, business leaders, entertainment professionals, public intellectuals, spiritual leaders, government officials, philanthropists, and many other leaders to meaningfully discuss key issues, solutions and opportunities in the context of India’s path to global leadership.

Date: 02/16/2019
Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Time: 2/16-2/17

Web: http://indiaconference.com/2019/

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