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Complimentary SUNDAY YOGA in SATSANG Center

The 1st Sunday of 2019 with all of you doing Yoga was very much enlightening. Keep it up and join every Sunday at SATSANG Center for Yoga from 8:15 to 9:45AM. Bring your friends and family. It is free and all are welcome.

Namste - Pankaj

Heavy rains remind us of challenges in life. Never ask for a lighter rain, just pray to God for a better umbrella. - That is the attitude!
Life is not about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship.
It's not how we care in the beginning, but how much we care till the very end.
Some people always throw stones in your path. It depends on what you make with them;
a Wall or a Bridge? - Remember you are the architect of your life.
Search for a good heart, but don't search for a beautiful face, coz beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful.
It’s not important to hold all the good cards in life, but it’s important how well you play with the cards you hold.
Often when we lose all hope & think this is the end, remember God and pray, it’s just a bend, not the end.'
One of the basic differences between God and humans is, God gives, gives and forgives. But the human gets, gets, gets and forgets. Be thankful in life.
If u think it is your alarm clock that woke you up this morning, try putting it beside a dead body and you will realise that it is the Grace of God that woke you up.

If you are grateful to God, forward this to all your friends to inform them
that it is JUST BY THE GRACE OF GOD that we are and what we have today!
OM Bliss OM!

Date: 01/13/2019
Location: SATSANG Center WOBURN MA
Time: 8:15 AM

Organized By: SATSANG Center

Cost: Complimentary! Voluntary Contribution!

Food: No Food!

Contact: Pankajben - Hansaben 781-334-2968 Sudhir 650-855-4614

Web: satsangcenter.com
Email: satsangcenter1@gmail.com
Directions: Follow your GPS! or Personal Knowledge!

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