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Shri Dwarkamai Vidyapeeth Music Recital Fundraiser
Shri Dwarkamai Vidyapeeth invites music students and enthusiasts to participate in Music Recital Fundraiser on December 9th, 2018 in Gayatri Mata auditorium, Shri Dwarkamai Sai Baba temple. Any vocal or instrumental classical/devotional performances welcome. All the funds raised from this event will be used for land purchase for Shri Gurusthan Sai temple Northborough. Please see registration link below. Looking forward for your participation and support. Registration form: https://goo.gl/forms/xZIcNZ1Umu4PlJHz1

Date: 12/09/2018
Location: Shri Dwarkamai Vidyapeeth Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, 267 Boston Rd #10, Billerica, MA
Time: 9am-8pm

Organized By: Shri Dwarkamai Vidyapeeth

Web: https://www.dwarkamai.com/vidyapeeth/events?task=view_event&event_id=832
Email: neetakalve@yahoo.com

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