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Elements of Hindustani Classical Music: Rang (Color/Shades) and Anga (Structure) of a Raga
A Lecture-Demonstration by Shri. Shrikant Lagu

Indian classical music, also known as Raaga Music, is based on tonal scales whose constituent notes represent the variations of the main seven notes (Sa, Re Ga … or Do, Re, Mi, Fa, …) Specifying the rules of ascent and dissent together with certain characteristic phrases with in a scale create a melodic structure known as a raaga. The same scale may give rise to different raagas. The raagas having similar properties are classified in various groups called Thaats. However, a raaga can be rendered in different ways within the basic rules and framework of the raaga.

This lecture-demonstration will explore why raagas having same scale are classified in different groups and create different melodic shades. It will explain why different raagas are presented at different times and why they evoke different emotions. These principles will be demonstrated by live performance of certain raagas.

Shri. Shrikant Lagu

Shri. Shrikant Lagu hails from a music lover family in Mumbai. Shri. Shrikant Lagu, a chemical engineer by profession, studied Indian Classical Music very seriously and developed his own style of presentation. Under the tutelage of his Guru Shri Sharad Apte from Gwalior, he developed a deep understanding of Indian classical music and a rare insight and vision into various facets of a raga. Shri Sharad Apte studied his music from his father Shri Govindrao Apte who was a disciple of the great Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar.Shri. Shrikant Lagu was awarded "Surmani" by Sur Singar Sansad in 1977. He has performed at various music conferences in India and abroad such as Kal ke Kalakar Sammelan, Kala Bharati (Karnatak Sangh), Dadar Matunga Cultural Center. He organized and participated in lecture-demonstrations on "Ang and Rang Raganche" and “Sangeet Sameeksha and Apeksha” at the Dadar Matunga Cultural Center which was very well appreciated. He is an active music teacher and has many disciples in India and abroad.

Date: 09/20/2003
Location: LearnQuest Academy of Music, 108 Elm Street, Waltham
Cost: $10.00 (Free for LearnQuest Students)

Contact: 781-788-8718 (Rajesh Godbole)

Web: http://www.learnquest.org
Email: events@learnquest.org
Directions: Take rt. 128/I-95, take exit 26 for Waltham and rt 20 East. Follow rt 20/Main St. to center of Waltham. Go past the intersection with Moody St. and take the next right on to Elm St. Go through the next traffic light and rail road tracks and bear right. LearnQuest is on your left, opposite the Car Wash.

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