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An Indian Classical Music Recital Featuring Jawwad Noor (Sitar) & Amit Kavthekar (Tabla)
With source codes found in Hindu scriptures dating back to 1500 BC, the sound and sensibility of the classical music of the Indian Subcontinent is both ancient and otherworldly. Intertwined with Eastern spirituality, and founded on centuries of research on the complexities of melody and rhythm and their power to affect, the Indian raga can easily match both the melodic complexity of the greatest western classical chamber music, and inspire the staunch western jazz fan through its thrilling improvisation. LCE is honored to welcome two master musicians and educators to demonstrate the majesty of the music of the Indian Subcontinent. Jawwad Noor was initiated into sitar by Ustad Alam Khan of Lahore. He went on to become a disciple of the world’s leading sitarist, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, under whose exacting standards he studies the melodic and rhythmic foundations of the music and trains to play the sitar in the vocal idiom. He is a senior instructor of the Shahid Parvez Khan Academy of Music and runs the sitar program at the LearnQuest Academy of Music. Amit Kavthekar (“Ganda-Bandh Shagird” of Late Ustad Allarakha) has rhythm running in his veins. At the early age of six, when most children his age were playing about, he was being groomed in the art of tabla playing by Maestro Ustad Allarakha. Since 1991, he has been fortunate to be taught tabla intricacies by Ustad Zakir Hussain.

Date: 04/01/2017
Location: Follen Church 775 Massachusetts Ave
Time: 7:30 pm

Organized By: Lexington Community Education

Cost: $10

Contact: Craig Hall

Web: www.lexingtoncommunityed.org
Email: info@lexingtoncommunityed.org

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