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Dance: Lalla Rookh
This fall, the Suzy Newhouse Center will present a series of events that draw from and reflect
on Indian aesthetics. Artists and speakers from Mumbai, Chennai, Boston, and Amsterdam join us to conduct lectures, demonstrations, workshops, film, and performances. Each visit is coordinated with student curriculum in South Asian Studies, the writing program, and other relevant courses, and will be highlighted by one of the following featured presentation/ performance event that is free and open to the public. Shailesh Bahoran is a hip-hop dancer and choreographer influenced by elements of breakdancing as well as Indian classical dance. He is often noted for his technique, originality, and expression. In 2002, he formed the dance group Illusionary Rockaz, which presented the first Dutch hip-hop performance, Age of Chaos. He has developed his artistic skills through theater and his involvement in prestigious organizations such as the Dutch National Ballet, the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, and the Amsterdam Academy. He currently serves as a dancer and choreographer at the Korzo Theater and with ISH. In Lalla Rookh, he and his troupe will perform a mixture of hip-hop, Indian dance, and funk styles to depict the journey of Indian mmigrants of the 19th century, who thought they were traveling to the land of God. Instead, the ship, Lalla Rookh, lands in Suriname, where they told they now indentured workers.

Date: 11/10/2016
Location: Alumnae Hall Auditorium (201)
Time: 6:00 pm

Organized By: Wellesley College

Cost: FREE

Directions: 106 Central Street Wellesley, MA 02481

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