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24 Kundiya Gayatri Yagya in Satsang Center
Respected All Swa Janiya! Plan to join for this Great Yagya Opportunity.
This is the second year we are organizing this event.
Gayatri Jayanti is Celebrated to rejoice the Manifestation of AdiShakti Gayatri. She is also worshiped as Ved-Mata. This day is also Celebrated as Ganga Avataran kowen as Ganga DashaHara.
For Volunteering your SEWA, plz call Sangeetaji 781-863-8886. or e-mail Sangeeta@Gayatri.info
Yagya will be conducted by Gayatri Parivar of MA.
WELCOME to jloin this Joyous Spiritual Celebration.

Event is FREE - All R WELCOME!

Date: 06/12/2016
Location: SATSANG Center One Pleasant Street, WOBURN MA 01801
Time: 10:00 am

Organized By: SATSANG Center

Cost: For Sponsoring, plz call Devchandbhai 781-454-6083. Sponsor MahaPrasad.

Contact: Devchandbhai 781-937-3328, Sangeeta Saxena 781-863-8886

Web: satsangcenter1.com
Email: satsangcenter1@yahoo.com
Directions: http://www.satsangcenter1.com/user/directionmap.jsp

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