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Dance Ballet: Maya Madhavam
'Through the eons, He has been a fascination for humans, and beyond. He is the enchanter, the warrior, the lover-boy, the philosopher and the very Lord of the Universe...the Supreme, the ever-beautiful, Lord Krishna, himself. 'Maya Madhavam' is a humble endeavor, by the Lasya school of dance, Shrewsbury, MA, to cherish, the great cultural background from which we have grown.The ballet recreate the spiritual, and mythological stories, woven by rhythm and rhapsody, and recount the tales of the mysticism, and charisma of Lord Krishna and his victory over his cruel uncle Kamsa.'
Directed by Guru Sapna Krishnan and presented by the talents of Lasya School of Dance.

Date: 03/28/2015
Location: Roger center for performing Arts, Andover, MA
Contact: Hema Kalyanam: 5083309891, Sapna: 5087929432

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