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ISW Showcase 2014
We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our annual Showcase India Program on April 26, 2014 from 2 pm to 5pm at Marlborough Middle School. IYG is also excited to announce that we will be hosting, Sanskar, a high school dance competition, again this year, which will take place after the original program from 5:00 to 7 pm. Ticket Prices: Showcase only: $7 Sanskar only: $7 Admission for both: $10 Below are the guidelines for signing up for the cultural program. We ask that you kindly adhere to them: Showcase India 2014 Rules and Guidelines -The entry deadline is April 1, 2014 -All Music must be in MP3 format and must be sent to mira.magner@gmail.com by April 15. Please have a copy of the CD available on April 26, at the program, in case of technical difficulties. -Each teacher/choreographer is allowed 3 items only (not including the competition show) -Participants must be under 20 years old -Only group performances are permitted, a minimum of 2 participants are required. -Each item has a time limit of 5 minutes, unless it is a group of more than 12 participants. -Everything is on a first-come-first serve basis. We have a 35 item limit, so please be prompt to sign up. -Each group must be ready to perform during their time slot, which will be assigned after April 1st. If the group’s designated spot for the performance is missed, it will be moved to a later time, which will be at the discretion of the back stage monitor. In order to register an item for Showcase India, please click on the following link and submit the form. If you have any trouble with the form, please email mira.magner@gmail.com. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jP7qqe3l5oZ780GpGpuFlBhhdA9yW0KI5jIlkP4w_u4/viewform Thank you for participating in Showcase India!

Date: 04/26/2014
Location: Marlborough Middle School 25 Union Street, Marlborough, Massachusetts
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Cost: Ticket Prices: Showcase only: $7 Sanskar only: $7 Admission for both: $10

Web: https://www.facebook.com/events/706817886018111/

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