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Recipes - The Quintessential Curry Leaf

Nirmala Garimella

The Quintessential curry leaf

When it comes to the curry leaf, I am totally hopeless. As a South Indian, I cannot imagine a day going by when I cook without looking into my refrigerator for a few leaves. At one point, I even tried freezing them a few years ago but alas they perished making me think of ways to keep myself replenished at all times. Thanks to friends like Asha Shah and Roma Mathur, I am now the proud owner of two curry leaf plants at my home which I tend with utmost care.

The most popular Andhra recipe for curry leaf is the Pachadi and the Karveipaku Podi ( the chutney and the Powder) which when mixed with rice and ghee invokes such delight that satisfies all cravings. The leaf has amazing health benefits.

I learnt the curry leaf powder recipe from my Pinni ( my aunt ) who makes it so flavorful that it seems fresh even after stored for a few weeks.


Curry leaves - 3 cups

Urad dhal -  ¾ cup

Channa dhal -  ½ cup

Red chillies -  8 to 10

Asafoetida(Powder) - ½ tsp

Dry Tamarind – 2 tablespoon

Salt - to taste

Oil - 1 tsp

Directions: Wash and drain the curry leaves; spreading them in a newspaper or cloth and  dry it completely or wipe with paper towel.Heat a pan dry roast curry leaves for 2-3 minutes or until it turn crisp and you can smell the aroma. Do this in a medium heat.After that transfer the leaves to a plate. A Now to the same pan add a tsp of  oil,  then add urad dal, channa dal and dry red chilies and roast everything in medium flame until the dal turns golden brown. Add hing mix and transfer it to a plate n allow to cool.

After cooling, first blend curry leaves n dry red chilli to coarse mixture then add dal, tamarind, salt and grind it to fine coarse powder. Store in a airtight container and refrigerate to retain flavor.

Do you have any recipes with curry leaves to share. Send them to editors@lokvani.com

NPR once carried a story on the curry leaf with author Monica Bhide. Here are some unusual recipes.  Check out the curry leaf bread and the powder


Curry Leaf  Pesto is featured on this link



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