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Humor- Matrix revisited- Vajpayee and Musharaff face off

Kumar Padmanabhan

Musharaff and Vajpayee have chosen to have their peace talks in Kashmir. They are sitting right next to the border. Inspired by ‘The Matrix’ series, Musharaff is wearing an all black leather suit with designer glasses. Inspired by ‘Lagaan’, Vajpayee is in his traditional khadi kurta, and has a big round kum kum dot on his forehead.

V: Don’t you see the militants across the border?
M: I see some freedom fighters.
V: You mean to say they are not militants?
M: It doesn’t matter what I have to say. You made the choice to view them as militants. It’s up to you to understand why you made that choice.
V: Then why do you say that you see some freedom fighters?
M: I can only tell you what I see.
V: Have you been offering drugs to the Kashmiris?
M: Of course not! But I did show them the blue pill and the green pill.
V: What do you mean?
M: The blue pill lets them accept life the way it is, a life they believe is fair and square, and they’ll live it this way the rest of their lives. The green pill on the other hand, makes them see the real world, a world in which the Kashmiri people are oppressed and controlled by the hindu BJP government.
V: Have you been giving them military aid?
M: No, but I’ve been helping them to look for ‘The One’.
V: Who is ‘The One’?
M: The One who can see the truth. He is the only one who can bring justice to the Kashmiris. I’ve been searching for him all my life, ever since I left India.
V: So you have been encouraging those militants!
M: It was not my prerogative to encourage them. I just helped them make their choice.
V: Then what exactly did you do?
M: I just showed them the border. It was up to them to walk through it.
V: Do you want to settle our differences with a cricket match then? If you win, Kashmir is yours, and we'll remove our troops from the border. If you lose however, you’ll have to remove your troops, and the Kashmiris will have to pay twice the taxes!
M: I am game!
V: One other condition. Neither of us can use our cricket team players. It’s our parliament cricket team versus yours! Do you know how to play cricket?
M: Not yet! (Picks up his cell phone….)

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