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Monica Gill Is Miss India USA

Ranjani Saigal

Miss India-New England, Monica Gill has been crowned Miss India USA. She will now move to the next leg of the competition to be held in New Zealand and try to win the global title. Monica Gill and the New England Director Ruchika Arora present a few tips to aspiring beauty contestants.

Monica Gill

Monica, how does it feel to win the Miss India USA crown?

It doesn’t feel real. Perhaps it hasn’t hit me yet. I get excited when I see my picture on the Miss India USA Facebook page or the website. Other than that I don’t feel much different. I think my mind may be subconsciously trying to keep my feet on the ground. Which is important because I want to be focused on the next step. After all, I have a community counting on me!
What opportunities do you hope this win will have for you?

I don’t expect anything from the crown. Every crown and sash provides the same thing no matter what pageant it is. Be it Miss USA or Miss India USA,  a crown and sash work as a microphone. People will be more inclined to listen to what I have to say because now I have title. I do have expectations of myself however. I still expect myself to be active in the community and to grow as a woman.
What preparations did you do to help you for the contest? 

My preparations were all mental. The Miss India USA pageant was two weeks after the Miss India New England one. There was not much I could change. The only thing different between the two was my outfit for talent. However, I did meet with a lot of people and ask for their critiques. I actively sought out constructive criticism.
How excited are you about the next level? 

I wouldn’t really call it excitement. I feel I am focused. I want to prepare to the best of my abilities and go there and give it my all. I want to make my community, my parents and the Miss India USA organization proud. Above all I want to use this experience and grow from it. I feel it will teach me something enormous as most challenging experiences do!
Any advice for other young women who may want to follow your footsteps?

The first is to dream. Dream so big that it scares you. And if it doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough. Then turn your dream into a goal and pursue it with everything you have. The second is to believe in yourself. Everything in life is internal. You have to first believe you’re a winner in order to win. Find that confidence within yourself!

Ruchika Arora

Ruchika Arora, how does it feel to have delivered the successful candidate to the Miss India USA Pageant?  You also delivered a second runner up for the Miss Teen competition. 

Having our ‘Miss India New England-2013’ win ‘Miss India USA’ feels like a dream. The last time when some one from Massachusetts got the crown, it was in 1985 - a very long time ago. Then Radhika Rao from Massachusetts got the crown.  Worldwide pageant started in 1990 so Monica Gill is the first delegate ever to go there from New England. Harika Talluri is first Miss Teen India New Hampshire and seeing her as second runner up among such strong teen contestants is another moment of pride and happiness.

What do beauty pageants look for in winners? 

Overall personality gets reflected when contestants participate in multiple rounds of contest. Self confidence can be seen through the walk, facial expressions and speech. Talent and achievements can be stated in application forms, personal interviews or talent round. Reasoning, logical approach, and understanding of community and awareness about the world around us can be judged in the Question-Answer round. The most deserving at that moment gets the Crown.

What made Monica stand out amongst the competitors?

Monica is very hard working girl and she did not leave a single detail unattended. From understanding of schedule and all rounds of contest, selection of clothes, accessories, theme for talent and preparing for the question-answer session. Her idea was to improve in every aspect, and represent herself in best possible way. We also researched what made past winners different from others and realized that all of them had a very special talent and presentation. 

What advice do you have for aspiring beauty pageant competitors?

Be optimistic and take guidance. The goal for a contestant should not be crown/title; it should be improvement of skills and overall presentation and personality enhancement.

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