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Soundarya Lahari Hosts Sri Chakra Homam

Ranjani Saigal

Soundarya Lahiri invites to participate in the Ashtothara Shatha Homa Kunda Shri Chakra Homama on Sept 29 at Chinmaya Maruti.  Srichakram is considered as King of all the Yantras (Chakra Raja) and as per the Puranas (ancient Hindu texts), worship of it gives knowledge, wealth, health and prosperity and leading ultimately to self-realization. This is a unique Yantra as it encapsulates the entire universe with a single geometric visualization. Devotees consider it very important to do this prayer in the correct fashion. 

Soundarya Lahiri under the leadership of Subbarao Kompella, who is the Peetashipathi of the Devipuram Peetam in India, will be performing the grand Sri Chakra Homam. The whole undertaking will be done on a massive scale. 108 beautiful copper Homa Kundams & homa dravyas will be brought and  the participants will be placed all along the Sri Chakram at strategic points to do the Homam. Homam is done with Sowbhagya Panchadasi Mantra, Lalitha Sahasra Namavali and Khadga Mala Sthothram. 

The group always makes special efforts to explain the shlokas and the details of the poojas to all the participants.  Performance of the homam fulfills all desires and brings peace to the performer. The larger goal of the homam is world peace. 

Do not miss the golden opportunity to participate. Call (609) 655 0404 for more information!

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