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Global Business Leaders To Meet In New York


Global Indian business leaders, renowned knowledge experts, investors, key government leaders and financial officials from many countries including various Indian states, Africa, Middle East and the Caribbean are converging on Manhattan for the Global Indian Business Meet 2012 in less than two months. This 3-day conference is being organized to explain and explore how Indian-run organizations are overcoming the odds to succeed and grow in the competitive global economy.

GIBM 2012, www.GIBM2012.org, which will be held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Times Square in New York City from September 20-23, will examine the drive, passion, work ethic, innovation and strategy that energize India’s emerging market and enables Indian-run businesses and organizations world-wide to impact the global economy.

“From New York to New Delhi, Boston to Bangalore, Chicago to Chennai and from Manhattan to Mumbai, Indians and India are on the world business community's radar,” says Kanchan Banerjee, Chairman of New Global Indian platform and a GIBM 2012 Convener. “This business conference is very unique; and in a way it will be the first time ever where Indian-origin entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors, along with representatives of various Indian and US states and several countries, are coming together under one platform to work together to explore potentials and opportunities.”

Among the featured speakers and presenters are Mr. Anand Sharma, the Indian Commerce Minister; Lord Meghnad Desai from the London School of Economics; the head of South Asia Initiatives at Harvard Business School, Professor Tarun Khanna; technology and thought leader Sam Pitroda, and many other knowledgeable business leaders, including Desh Deshpande, Ajit Manocha, Harish Hande, Lakshmi Mittal, Swadesh Chatterjee, and Vijay Eswaran. NY Attorney General Preet Bharara, Fox News Network anchor Kelly Wright and Raju Narisetti of Wall Street Journal are also confirmed speakers.

The Global Indian Business Meet is focused on five main areas:

Business Leaders’ Summit: Focusing on the Indian growth story and how Indian-origin CEOs from around the world have faced the global economic slowdown; conveying and exploring the recovery and growth strategies they adopted to help them succeed.

Entrepreneurs’ Summit: Focusing on the success stories of Indian-origin entrepreneurs in various sectors, and the summit will allow current and future young entrepreneurs learn from leaders and peers through networking, direct interaction and connect with investors and business leaders.

Investors Summit: Focusing on businesses led by Indians from around the globe, including interaction with venture capitalists, angel investors, bankers, and institutional financiers, bringing together those seeking funding and those looking for investment opportunities.

India Business Opportunities Summit: Focusing on the leading states of India and their provinces as preferred destinations for investment, including their policies and incentives, and their focus areas/sectors.

Partnership Summit: An opportunity to explore and allow for international, country, state and city level partnerships from around the world.

Global Indian Business Meet 2012, www.GIBM2012.org, is organized by the New Global Indian (NGI) Foundation in partnership and with the support of many East Indian CEOs, MDs, trade bodies and associations. It will bring together business leaders, academics, investors and entrepreneurs from south, east and central Asia, US, the Middle East, UK, and South Africa. For additional information, email info@GIBM2012.org or call 1-603-682-0210 (US) or 091-9821899753 (India).


Global Indian Business Meet (GIBM)

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If you are interested in volunteering for this event please get in touch with the organizers.

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