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Devotion, An End In-itself

Lanka Venkata Subba Rao

Devotion, an end in-itself

It is said that while attending to the ordained duties/functions that involved in our life, every being ought to strive to escape from re-births, that is, to attain Liberation. This calls for spiritual practice and great Saints and Scriptural texts speaks of Devotion as an end in itself. In this pursuit, separate Mutts arose because of differences in the methods of pursuing the same. However, the Bhakti Marga is inherent in any Mutt. Bhakti is not mere Prayer. The actual strain of Bhakti is to promote in-depth understanding of a subject through logical discussions and study. Bhakti may not be possible without research. Any devotee that is bereft of Bhakti is bound to be regenerated under the weight of it's own ignorance and it is imperative for it's intrinsic values.

Of the four ways, namely, Karma, Gnana, Yoga and Bhakti (devotion) in the spiritual pursuit, the path of Bhakti (devotion) is thorny full of pits and ditches and difficult to traverse. In fact, the three ways, Karma, Gnana and Yoga also ultimately lead the devotee to attain Bhakti (devotion). It is evident that Bhakti marga brings together all the institutions on spiritual aspiration. The conception of God taking any particular form is a way to develop Devotion (Bhakti). Hence, the Being concentrated on a particular form, would be the easier Sadhana to develop Bhakti (devotion). Evidently, the realization of the virtue of Devotion by Devotion itself, by being worshipping Saguna Brahma form, Sadguru, results in the realization of God's action, that is, develops Faith in God. Thus cleans the restlessness of the mind. There on, it keeps the mind peaceful under Bhakti (devotion) on Saguna Brahma, Sadguru. The devotee shall be successful when earnest in this pursuit.
Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba said that His Guru was the sole object of meditating and He was conscious of none-else. While meditating on His Sadguru the mind / intellect were stunned and keeps Himself quiet and Bow in silence.

When devotion becomes all-consuming, the Lord also reciprocates it, as His devotee's welfare is paramount to Him. It is rather interesting to observe and analyze the oriental concept of Sadguru and the relationship He bears towards His chosen disciples. The Truth and Guru are identical.

Once ignited Bhakti (devotion), it draws the whole being irresistibly on-wards until the tiny spark becomes a flame.

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