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A Tribute To Victims Of The Shooting At A Sikh Temple In Wisconsin

Anjithaa Radakrishnan

On Saturday August 11th, a group of people gathered at the Nashua Public Library to pay tribute to the victims of the shooting at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin that occurred the week before, leaving 6 dead and many others wounded. This respectful gathering was organized by IANH, the Indian Association of New Hampshire. The vigil began with words from Dr. Tej Dhakar, Secretary of IANH, and was followed by a benediction by Mrs. Sandhya Sridhar, along with her students Anjana and Ananya, and accompanied by Rajesh on the harmonium. The audience sang along to and expressed their condolences through the prayers. Afterwards, Mr. Prithvi Kumar, President of IANH, and Mrs. Barinder Ahluwahlia, Public Service Chair, gave heartfelt speeches, conveying their sympathies to the victims and families. Audience members later took the stage to express their own feelings towards the tragedy as well. Additional prayers were recited, and the meeting ended with a final moment of silence. A letter, to be sent to the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, was written and signed by all of the people who attended. This tribute meeting conveyed the message of heartfelt sympathy to not only those affected by the shooting, but also the Sikh community as a whole.

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Sandhya Sridhar, Anjana Mangalat, Ananya, and Rajesh Saluja leading the bhajan singing

President Prithvi paying tribute

Public Service Chair paying tribute

Rajesh Saluja

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