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VallabhDham Temple Celebrates The Grand Festival Of Holi With Traditional Zeal And Fervour

Press Release

New England’s first Pushtimarg temple ‘Vallabhdham’ hosted more than 1500 enthusiastic people at 26 Church St. in Newington, CT for one of the grandest Festival of color: ‘Holi’; in the history of New England. The sea of people packed the spacious 15,000 square feet temple.

VallabhDham Temple, Newington, CT  was resplendent with color on March 10th when more than 1,500 enthusiastic people  from all over the Connecticut and New England  area gathered at the VallabhDham Temple, thousands of miles away from their homeland, to celebrate Holi -- the Hindu spring festival. Colorfully dressed people of all ages participated in the festivities, which began with a Holi Song:Holi ke Rasiya and variety of programs like cultural program, a play performed by devotee enacting the epic story Holi and Bhakta Prahlada, Holi Darshan,  Holika Dahan(lighting a bonfire) and Play of Colors . Coming through in flying colors, devotees celebrate Holi, the festival of color. 

This was festival of color for the Vallabhdham temple and it was a remarkable success by any measure.  1500 people had a wonderful glimpse: darshan of the Lord Shri Krishna(Shrinathji).  Color fills the atmosphere at VallabhDham Temple as people gather to celebrate Holi . Children of all ages participated in the cultural program, which was held from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in the packed VallabhDham community Hall. Five wonderful performances by kids of Vallbhdham congregation mesmerized the crowd in attendance. The choreography, dresses and performance was flawless. Just after that, kids delivered a nice message expressing their hearts and minds. People paid special homage around Holika Dahan ceremony and festival of color was played pranks and smear each other with gullal--colored powder very enthusiastically.   Then after, every one enjoyed sumptuous feast. On the following day, called Dhuleti- Dolotsav, , devotees rub gulal, which is brightly colored powder, on each others' faces and cheer up.

This success of this occasion was the combination of hard work, dedication and selfless service of volunteers and over whelming support of the people of New England, especially Connecticut.

To accommodate more than 1500 expected people arrangements, planning and permits were taken well in advance. Parking and shuttle service was arranged from nearby school. The team of expert volunteers worked round the clock to decorate the entire Temple for this occasion. But, the area where Deity form of Lord Shri Krishna resides looked particularly magnificent.  Deity looked even more beautiful in the white background with multicolor background.

Each year, Holi event by Vaishnav Parivar of Connecticut promise Holi ke Rasiya, Holi Darshan,  Holika Dahan,  Play of Colors, dance, food and lots of fun for all ages.

Besides the big festivals, Vallabhdham temple is the home of many cultural, educational and social activities. The information of that can be found at the following web-site. www.vallbhdham.org  and www.vpofct.org and contact Rajeev Desai 860 796 2162, Pranay Shah 860 643 5260.

Vallabhdham Temple
26 Church Street, Newington, CT 06111
Ph: 860 417 0007, Fax: 860 417 0008
Vaishnav Parivar of Connecticut
www.vpofct.org, www.vallabhdham.org
Vaishnav Parivar of CT is a 501(c)(3) registered organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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