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Krinshanjali At Sri Lakshmi Temple

Vyjayanthi Prasad

(This article is sponsored by Masala Art)

Krinshanjali, an offering to Krishna was scheduled on the 18th of September 2011.  After a rainy and dreary week, Sunday that Sunday morning turned out to be a cool breezy and sunny day. The heavens had taken a break to witness the beautiful morning it was to be.

The event was opened by Naveena Shanmugam with the beautiful Jaya Janaki Ramana. This was followed by Neha Vinod’s item. Neha and Naveena are students of Sridevi Thirumalai. The next two items were Ganesha Kautuvam and Alaripu by the little students of Neha Parikh.

Gopika, student of Thenu Rajan followed this with Govardhana Giridhara. Srivani Balaji, student of Neha Parikh performed a Thillana. The next item was alaripu by the students of Hema Iyyengar. These were 6 and 7 year olds who took to the stage for the first time on this auspicious day!

The next item was Jaya Jaya Raja Gopala, in Kuchupudi style by the students of Prafulla Vellury. This was followed by a lovely rendition of Bridavana Nilaya by Prafulla’s students, Krishna Sampada Vellury charmed people as she danced with the gopikas. As goes the saying “save the best for the last”, the last item was truly a treat for the eyes. Prafulla Vellury, herself took to the stage and perfomed Marakata Manimaya. She displayed all the naughtiness that is the embodiment of Krishna. She as showed the audience what a lovely art form Kuchupudi is  and really wowed the audience when she stepped on the brass plate. The 15 minute presentation passed by in a flash and leaving people with tears of joy and yearning for more.

I couldn’t have envisioned a better way to spend my morning than watching all these dancers and teachers putting their heart and soul into each item. Thanks to Shanmugam who spent his morning ensuring our audio system was working and setting the stage and to all the dancers/teachers/parents who made this happen.

Jai Sri Krishna

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