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Bharat Swabhiman Overseas Satyagra

Press Release

Bharat Swabhiman Overseas (BSO) and the Friends of India Society of International (FISI) have launched a mass movement to awaken the consciousness of overseas Indians, especially in the US, against the "massive corruption" in India.

To support the movement, people of Indian origin are organizing events in all major cities in the US on June 4th 2011. People can show their solidarity with the Bharat Swabhiman movement and register for Satyagrah and fasting at www.bharatswabhimanusa.org.

Boston Area Satyagrah
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Satsang Center
1 Pleasant St., Woburn, MA

BSO is inspired by the Bharat Swabhiman movement of Baba Ramdev. A non-political, non-denominational and a not for profit US Corporation. BSO promotes individual, societal, physical, mental, spiritual health through Yoga , Pranayam and, Vedic principles; emphasizing personal /professional integrity in every walk of human endeavor by encouraging unity and harmony among all human beings across globe
Bhishma Kumar Agnihotri, former Ambassador-at-Large of India, said in a statement that FISI would bring together friends of India worldwide to safeguard India and people of Indian origin living outside India. FISI was founded in 1975 to safeguard Indian democratic institutions and ideals in the aftermath of "emergency rule," the academic-turned attorney said.

“India is at the cross roads now. Despite the seeming economic prosperity, scams have become rampant. Something should be done urgently to save India and its culture from the catastrophe. Baba Ramdev is providing spiritual and correct direction to a divine movement to combat and destroy corruption with an iron hand”, said Agnihotri.
Baba Ramdev believes that the British rules, laws and administration systems in India require change and it is not possible unless the masses join the movement to uproot the entrenched current systems built on corruption, inefficiency and supported by powerful vested interests. He emphasizes that rule and laws created by Britishers to plunder India cannot make India strong and prosperous. For saving India, people have to wake up as a united force.

After completing 100,000 kms of Bharat Swabhiman Yatra, Baba Ramdev is all set to launch the Satyagraha against Corruption on 4th June in Delhi.  After meeting millions of people in various villages, districts, cities and towns of our country Baba Ramdev will mobilize the masses through the Bhrashtachar Mito Satyagrah (Satyagraha against Corruption) where Swamiji will go on indefinite hunger strike along with hundreds of thousands Indian citizens at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.
Swami Ramdev has written a letter to Prime Minister of India and demanded among other things to bring back to the nation Rs. 400 trillion (US $9 trillion) of black money which is a national wealth;  Create a law to declare money stashed in foreign accounts as national assets; Sign US Convention against Corruption, thus paving way for getting black money back; Recall high denomination currency i.e., 500 and 1000 Rupee notes and make 100 Rupee note as sparse as possible; To stamp out corruption enact stringent laws;  and to end foreign laws, customs and culture prevailing in the independent Bharat, follow Mahatma Gandhi’s book named Hind Swaraj  which advocated the need to remove the British system and adopt the Bharatiya system to gain Poorna Swaraj which was dream of all freedom fighters.
Shekhar Agrawal, General Secretary for BSO, says: As we are getting closer to 4thth June, more people are joining the Satyagrah.  It is putting a lot of pressure on the current government; the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister are already agreeing to work with Pujya Swamiji to implement some of the issues he urged the Prime minister to accept.  I am sure that this Satyagrah will bring countable benefits to Indian people in the near future and preserve ancient culture and values of World’s oldest civilization.

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