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Celebrating Birth Centenary Of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

Sanjay Saxena

2011 the  Birth Centenary Year of Thought Revolution Visionary Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

विचार-क्रांति के दृष्टा पंडित श्रीराम शर्मा, आचार्य की-जन्म-शताब्दी

Date: Saturday, February 5th, 2011

(Vasant Panchami - Sarasvati Puja)

Time: 5:30PM

Place: SATSANG Center (Woburn Center)

Address: 1 Pleasant St., Woburn, MA 01801

Did you ever wonder about the root-cause of the most burning crisis afflicting  human lives, from the individual level to family to society to national and global levels ! Or do you know anybody  who did not only discovered this root cause, but also delivered a solution to fix this human crisis !!  Not only that he flashed out the solution, but also put it through a massive field-test to prove the efficacy of the proposed fix !!!

Well, here comes the Birth Centenary year of a World-Visionary (युग-दृष्टा) who did exactly that, the amazing discovery of the root-cause of gravest human problems and gave away the tried and tested solution too. Born in 1911, Yug-Rishi, Ved-Murti, Taponishtha Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, selflessly devoted his whole life to the greatest of all time experiment of 'Thought Revolution' (विचार-क्रांति). Acharya-ji created  the 'Yug-Nirmaan Yojanaa' (युग-निर्माण-योजना) and rolled out a massive campaign through a 'Movement of Though Revolution' (विचार-क्रांति-अभियान). This is unparalleled in the history of human thought. To test his ideas he created a unique laboratory which he aptly named 'All World Gayatri Pariwar' (अखिल विश्व गायत्री-परिवार). This he did after dedicating 24 years of his prime life (starting at age 15) in researching and testing his theories on his own body-mind-complex, exactly in the spirit of a scientist. Then, when he had fully satisfied himself and validated the root-cause of the human crisis and its fix, he rolled out a huge mass based movement to spread the gems of his discovery. His life touched and transformed millions of lives. Acharya-ji wrote over 3000 books on every aspect of individual, family, social and world life. He Also established a university named 'Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya' (देव संस्कृति विश्वविद्यालय) to train a new generation of  expert ambassadors of the Hindu Thought, which is the last hope for this conflicted and crisis ridden world.

Please don't miss this historical opportunity to be a part of the Birth Centenary Celebration of one of the greatest Rishi (युग-ऋषि), and come with your family and friends to the SATSANG Center (Woburn) to ENJOY ! a unique and vibrant spiritual celebration of 'Vasant Panchami' (वसंत-पंचमी), presented by the 'Gayatri Pariwar of Massachusetts' ( www.gayatri.info ).


The program will be STREAMED LIVE on Feb 5th, 2011

LIVE STREAMING Link http://www.ustream.tv/channel/vasant

Streaming begins with a 30 sec Ad. Channel goes LIVE at :
US Eastern Time -
5:30PM EST / US Pacific Time - 2:30PM PST
Greenwich Time  -
10:30PM GMT
India Time -
4:00AM IST (Feb 6th early morning)

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