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Not Wealth But Higher Virtues

Sanjay Saxena

Rishi Chintan (ॠषि चिंतन)

Not Wealth but Higher Virtues : सम्पदाएँ नहीं, विभूतियाँ   

 by Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya (www.awgp.org

On the foundation of virtuous character, we triumph with higher and higher degrees of successes. Various accomplishments of this world, we reap on the bedrock of toil, courage, patience,  perseverance, zeal, forbearance, and industriousness. And, these qualities ensure our growth on the path of progress. We earn trust on the basis of our personal credibility and high character. And society accepts only those people who are trustworthy. Only such people are given to carry important responsibilities and they receive the support of willing collaborators/supporters. People who lack credibility, they loose trust and they never find true collaborators/supporters due to this character-flaw. Such people can never achieve any significant progress in their entire life.

A personality rich and ripe with virtuous character and benevolent emotions (सद्भावना) is a boon (वरदान). People so endowed, experience an inner contentment, invigorating cheerfulness (उल्लास), and serenity. They have no fear and no deceit. One who has neither cowardice nor wickedness, why would (s)he be afraid? Why would one be shamed and hesitant, who has no malice and no deceit? People with high character have no conflict in their minds and they have no fear. While earning an honest living, even if they have to live in poverty, such people cherish so much contentment that a filthy rich who has made quick and dirty money can never dream of. We should never be drooling over money, rather we need to grasp the real value of higher virtues (विभूति). Wealth will follow the higher virtues. But, those who are in rat race for money, will eventually remain empty handed. Neither they will gain comfort nor contentment.

-- Akhand Jyoti, April'1979 pp.32

Courtesy:  Gayatri Pariwar of Massachusetts (www.Gayatri.info)

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