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South Asian Showdown Is Back!

Press Release

If you like South Asian Dance and want to see some of the most competitive dance teams in North America, don’t miss South Asian Showdown! Last year the event sold out one week before the show!!!


This competition is the first of its kind in North America with Bhangra teams vs Fusion teams vs Garba/Raas teams vs Hindi-Film/Bollywood teams!  These different dance forms makeup some of the most popular dance forms in India and if you want to see which dance style wins, come check out the competition on Saturday, February 12th, 2011 at the John Hancock Theatre in Boston!


The concept of Showdown is to put the best dance teams from each South Asian genre against one another to see who wins!  Bhangra is a folk dance from the Punjab region of India.  Fusion is a conglomeration of all South Asian dance and any other dance form that the team chooses to use.  Garba/Raas is a folk dance from the Gujrat region of India.  Hindi-Film/Bollywood is the dance form originating from the Bollywood film industry in Mumbai.  Bring all of these dance forms together and having them all compete against one another will show everyone attending just how talented and unique South Asian dance truly is.


South Asian Showdown, SAS for short, will have teams from all over North America competing to be crowned the Showdown Champion. Teams from California, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Boston will all show the Boston audience some of the best dances they have seen all year!


Date: Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Time: 6 PM Sharp

Location: John Hancock Hall

Address: 180 Berkeley Street in Boston, MA


Buy your tickets now @ www.southasianshowdown.com 


To find out more information, visit our website @ www.southasianshowdown.com, or contact us @ info@southasianshowdown.com or call 617-448-2508


Get ready for the South Asian Showdown!!!!


And don’t miss the biggest after party in the Northeast directly after the show.

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