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Dance Rangapravesams And Music Arangetrams In 2010

Ranjani Saigal

Rangapravesha: Pallavi Nagesha
Pallavi Nagesha a mother of two children, impressed the audience with her brilliant Rangapravesha, proving that it is never too late to attain your dream.

Veena Arangetram Of Samita Mohanasundaram
Smt. Durga Krishnan’s student, Samita Mohanasundaram, had her Veena Arangetram or solo debut recital at the Chinmaya Maruthi Auditorium in Andover on July 31st with Gaurishankar Chandrashekar accompanying her on the Mridangam.

Music Arangetram: Awesome Kutcheri By Ullas Rao
Ullas has embarked on his musical journey in a thumping style. With continued guidance from his Guru Geetha Murali and dedication to his chosen art form, and the Lord’s blessings, Ullas has a wonderful future ahead of him.

Music Arangetram: Prayuth Naduthota
On October 9th, Prayuth Naduthota, a high school junior at Westford, MA, performed his flute arangetram under the tutelage of his Guru Mysore A. Chandan Kumar.

Kuchipudi Rangapravesam: Rashi Gupta
I was blessed to be present at the Kuchipudi Rangapravesam of Kum. Rashi Gupta on August 21, 2010 at the Burriville High school theater in Rhode Island...

Veena Arangetram: Amritha Mangalat
It is always very heartwarming to see the younger generation taking up fine arts and culture from our home land and doing so well. Congratulations to Amritha!!

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Photo Credit: Ganesh Davuluri

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