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HMEC 2010 - 2nd Annual Sanatan Dharma Scholarship Essay Competition

Press Release

HMEC 2010
2nd Annual Sanatan Dharma Scholarship Essay Competition

The Hindu Mandir Executives Conference announces the second annual Sanatan Dharma and Science Essay Competition for the 2010 SANATAN DHARMA SCHOLARSHIP.  The competition is open to college students as well as the high school students. The essay topic for college students is, “Creation of the Universe,” while for the high school students it is, “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkum,” meaning “World is One Family.” The purpose of the essay is to explore the scientific basis behind Sanatan Dharma concepts and Vedic philosophy.
The essays must be written in English and should be 500-1000 words in length. The completed essays in MS Word format must be mailed to omcenter@gmail.com by the September 15, 2010 deadline.
Two scholarships will be awarded for each category of contestants.
1st Prize: $1000
2nd Prize: $500.

These awards are expected to increase with additional contributions.  

The award winning essays will be published online as well as submitted to national and regional media.

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