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Dwarkamai Organizes Sai Rainbow And Shri Shirdi Sai Palkhi

Press Release

Dwarkamai, a non-profit religion independent spiritual 501(c3) organization began its multi week annual spiritual program  starting with kids cultural program (Sai Rainbow) followed by the initiation of the Shri Shirdi Sai Palkhi (Annual Spiritual Walk) at Chinmaya Maruti Center in Andover, MA on August 14th.  More than 40 kids of different ages performed on spiritual, classical and popular tunes at the Chinamaya auditorium after having spent last few weeks working very hard with local area choreographers to train. Choreographers were gracious to support the event and gave their time to kids to nurture their talent and everyone enjoyed the performances. Swami Sathasivom graced the occasion as chief guest and blessed all the participants. He is a world-renowned Hindu priest and guru who served as the head priest of the Kalikambal Temple in Chennai, India and who travelled to many countries in the service of world peace.

Followed by the kids program, was the initiation of the Shri Sai Palkhi in the community hall of the Chinmaya Maruti Center where the silver Shri Sai Palkhi (Palanquin) was decorated and initiated with Shri Shirdi Sai picture, charan paduka, holy book and other Shri Sai articles for taking out to various devotee homes for receiving blessings. The procession took a few rounds of the Chinmaya Center with devotees carrying the Palkhi on shoulders singing and chanting hyms with spiritual merriment and bliss. Later Shri Sai Palkhi moved to different devotees homes and would continue through next 3 more weekends based on prior requests made by devotees to receive Palkhi. Shri Sai Palkhi would be visiting more 75 homes and few community centers this year during the 4 weekends between August 14th and September 6th.

Shri Shirdi Sai Palkhi event has been conceptualized by Shri Anil Naik who has been associated with New England area for many years and is the founder of Dwarkamai.  Shri Anil Naik and Dwarkamai also conduct Shri Sai Palkhi in Chicago (four years now) and look to expand to more cities in future.

Dwarkamai is dedicated to organizing events and conducting activities directed towards personal spiritual development of the community and is lanching its Center of Spiritual Excellence in Billerica, MA in September 2010. Dwarkamai believes in Shri Shirdi Sai teachings  and way of life. It has already shipped a life size 6 feet tall beautiful marble idol of Shri Shirdi Sai (First such statue in New England area for Shri Sai devotees) for operations in the Center.. Activities at the Center would include lectures by Vedic scholars, health and wellness professionals, meditation sessions, yoga and kids enrichment activities and charitable give back to community.

You can visit Dwarkamai at the ‘dwarkamai.org’ or ‘dwarkamai.com’ for details of operations and Palkhi schedule for this year and join the Palkhi procession over any of next 3 weekends  per your convenience.


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