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Under new guideline, Indians who have become naturalized citizens of the U.S. must surrender their Indian passports and obtain a “surrender certificate” for a fee of $175 before receiving a new visa to travel to India. Failure to provide the surrender certificate would mean the denial of an Indian travel visa.

A surrender certificate can be obtained by taking an Indian passport to the local consulate, where it will be cancelled and returned to the holder. The passport holder must also fill out and sign a “declaration of renunciation of citizenship of India.” Surrender certificates must be obtained in person and cannot be mailed or faxed to the local consulate.

For further information, visit any of the Indian Consulate/Embassy websites.

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1.Surrender Certificate May 28, 2010 

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Our Voice And Yours

Important new guidelines about Renunciation of Indian Citizenship. More info....
Meet Our Sponsor: Minuteman Group.

Our Voice And Yours
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