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R.K. Vision Brings A Magical Evening Of Ghazals By Ghulam Ali

Nirmala Garimella

Yeh Dil Paagal, Dil Mera Kyun Bhuj Gaya Awaargi

This couplet sung by Ghulam Ali seems to be apt to give voice to the feelings of the audience who were in for a rare treat of a Mehfil by renowned Ghazal singer Ghulam Ali at the Winchester High school on December 20th. "The Ghazal Evening" organized by the R.K.Vision in order to promote a well known artist from South Asia was a great success. R. K. Vision, dynamic duo, Roma and Kaushal Chattopadhyay are well known to have brought popular singers who offer a touch of nostalgia to the present generation. Readers will recall Runa Laila, the Bangladeshi singer, Manna Dey and now Ghulam Ali all, have been brought to the New England audience thanks to the efforts of R.K.Vision. Says Roma “We are happy to bring in these artists to the New England scene. We also hope to bridge the gap and reinforce that all South Asian cultures are inherently similar”. Kushal Chattopadhyaya believes that these shows provide a platform to the artistes of the Region to present their talent before the discerning listeners of the city and catch their attention.

It was a night that was timeless, unforgettable, hypnotic with a touch of pure poetry emoting in the hearts of all present. Ghulam Ali was ably supported by Arshad Ali on tabla and Muhammad Bashir Khan on the Banjo. There were about 350 people in the hall and they listened with rapt pleasure to the haunting melodies that Ghulam Ali sang to the audience. Some swayed, others clapped and some others echoed Wah! Wah! in true appreciation.

And what a show it was. Extremely modest and apologizing for the slight delay in the program for no fault of his, since he was there on time, he started the evening with a soulful rendition of Ahmed Faraz’s Ghazal, Teri Baaten Hee Sunaane Aye Hain. This was followed by Bhid Mein Ik Ajnabee Ka Saamna Accha Laga. My favorite was Agha Bismil’s Mehfil Mein Baar Baar Kisi Par Nazar Gayi, Hamne Bacchayi Laakh Baar, Magar Udhar Gayi which sent many into raptures.

With a touch of Humor, and a patient translation, at times of some of the Urdu words, Ghulam Ali announced that the audience should listen to his Farmayeesh first before they asked for their own. The audience really began to get the real feel of the performance with powerful presentation of famous Ghazal ‘Khatir Ghaznavi’s Kaisi chali hain ab ke hawa, Hum tere sheher Mein Aaye hain Musafir Ki Tereh.

The sounds of ‘The Unforgettable’ began resonating all around, as if the melodies were already pouring. The real treat of the evening was to come at the conclusion of the first session. From the popular ‘ghazal’ Chupke Chupke, Kal Chaudhivi Ki Raat Thi and Dil Mein Ik Lahar Si Utthi to the evergreen ‘nazm’, Ghulam Ali revived those absorbing rhythms and voice modulations that make his music so magical. He ended the night’s performance with the lilting and melodious Hangama To Nahi, Daka To Nahi Dala, Chori To Nahi Ki. It was an enticing and enchanting performance by a man who has been rightly called the King of Ghazals.

Jyoti Nagia of INEN compered the evening performance and the snacks were sponsored by Washington Mutual.

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