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Youth Column: Creator Of Haiti Bookmarks

Sanjana Puri

I looked at the huge blue water bottle outside the office of my school. ‘Help Haiti’, the paper on it said in huge letters. Kids had put lots of coins and bills in the bottle and it was half full already.

“How could I help Haiti?” I thought over and over again. I slowly walked to my classroom. As I walked past the library, I gazed at the results for winners of the bookmark contest and their winning bookmarks posted on the window of the library. I shifted my eyes across the winners’ bookmarks. “My brother didn’t win, maybe next time,” I thought. I slowly shuffled by the library towards my classroom. ``Bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks”, I thought over and over.  Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head. “Maybe that’s how I can help Haiti! By selling bookmarks!”      

That weekend, my mom and I made a lot of bookmarks out of cards. On one end, we put colored hanging ribbons with colored beads. On some bookmarks we used stencils to make pretty designs. We spent hours making bookmarks.

Then we sold them for 50 cents each. I sold them in my neighborhood and my mom sold them at her work. We got over 240 orders and we collected more than $100 for helping the people of Haiti.

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