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Learn Quest Academy Hosts Gaan Sammelan 2009


A musical treat awaits for Hindustani and Carnatic music lovers when accomplished artists like Sanjay Subramanyam,Sushri Vidya Subramanyam, Pandit Sandip Ghosh, and Sri Dattareya Velankar perform at the 3rd Gaan Sammelan hosted by Learn Quest Academy on November 21st.The Gaan Sammelan was started three years ago as a way to promote vocal music.The first year it featured only Hindustani music but Carnatic music was added last year.This sammelan gives a platform to our very talented local artists too by giving at least one time slot for them.This year the local artist is Vidya Subramanyan from Albany.



A Day of Indian Classical Vocal Music - Hindustani and Carnatic

(Gaan Sammelan - 2009)


Hindustani Vocal Music


Pandit Sandip Ghosh

Sri Dattatreya Velanakar


Carnatic Vocal Music


Sri Sanjay Subramanyam

Sushri Vidya Subramanyan



Tabla -   Sri Nishikant Sonwalkar, Sri Harshal Tole

Harmonium - Sri Ravi Torvi

Violin - Sri S. Varadharajan, Sri K.V.S. Vinay  

Mridangam -  Sri Neyveli Venkatesh, Sri Mahalingam Santhanakirshnan


When: Saturday, November 21, 2009, 12 pm – 10 pm
Where: Thoreau School, 29 Prairie Street, Concord, MA 01742



All concerts (whole day, 4 concerts) - $30 (General), $25 (Students and seniors)

Eiether Hindustani or Carnatic Session (2 concerts) - $22 (General), $18 (Students and seniors)


Tickets are available online at: www.lokvani.com  


For further inquiries, please contact any of the following:

Aneesh Khanzode - 781-640-6060; Bhavana Gallewale - 781-640-6089; Chaitanya Godse - 603-591-1413; Debajit Biswas - 617-244-9092; Debashish Chaudhury - 978-760-1773; Deepti Navaratna - 505- 270-9228; Durga Krishnan - 598-344-7349; Jawed Wahid - 774-259-4285; Pallavi Gandhi - 978-621-5588; Pradeep Shukla - 978-505-5002; Preetesh Shrivastava - 781-534-4881; Prem Nagar - 617-513-1812; Purba Debnath - 617-314-3094; Sanjay Jain - 978-902-1081; Satyajit Ray - 978-828-7727; Shashank Nene - 617-504-5193


The Artists


Sri Sanjay Subramaniam

Sanjay Subramaniam is a renowned Carnatic Vocalist. An award-winning musician, Sanjay has performed at innumerable concerts across India and overseas, enthralling his audiences with his powerful and energetic voice.

Sanjay Subramaniam began his musical journey at the age of seven, when he was trained for violin and vocals, under many renowned music teachers, including violin maestro V. Lakshminarayana, Rukmini Rajagopalan, besides Nadaswaram maestro, Semponarkoil SRD Vaidyanathan. Over the years Sanjay specialized in vocal music, and since then his musical interests strengthened and took on intricate forms, amalgamating tradition with modern themes. Harboring sound knowledge of sruti values, ragas, complex rhythms, compositions and innovative, Sanjay is an outstanding exponent of Carnatic Music in his generation.

Sanjay has performed across India at premier institutions, as well as abroad, touring cities across the United States, Europe, Australia and South-east Asia. Sanjay Subramaniam’s immense contributions in the field of contemporary music have won him many accolades and honors, including his career being portrayed in a documentary film Aaraar aasaippadaar by filmaker Prasanna Ramaswamy. Some of the numerous awards he has received are:

* An ‘A’ Grade artiste of All India Radio, Madras
* The Outstanding Junior Musician Award from the Annual Conference of the Madras Music Academy.
* Yuva Kala Bharathi title from Bharat Kalachar, Chennai (1991).
* Isai Peroli from Karthik Fine arts, Chennai, (2000).
* Sangeetha Kalasarthy Award from Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, (2006).


Pandit Sandip Ghosh

Sandip Ghosh is one of the outstanding talents in the present day Indian Classical Music scene.  

Sandip Ghosh started his training in Indian Classical Music (Khyal) in Sangeet Bharati, Kolkata, under the guidance of Late Shri Sukhendu Goswami in the year 1970. Later, he found his guru and mentor in Pandit A. Kanan, with whom he began his talim in 1974, and entered the realm of ‘Kirana’ gharana. From  1980 to 1990, he was a scholar of the Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, also under the tutelage of  Pt. A. Kanan. Here he supplemented his training with guidance from Late Pandit K.G.Ginde. 


Gifted with a melodious voice, his singing is embellished with qualities of relaxed freedom, of serene, reposeful movements of feeling and a gentle, caressing approach. His alaps are romantic and his tans swift, bold and intricate with an almost intoxication essence.


He has performed in many music conferences both in India and abroad. His performance in U.S.A and Canada in 1988 won him the Honorary Citizenship of Baltimore and Maryland, presented to him by the Mayor of the City of Baltimore and the Governor of the State of Maryland. In the year 2000 and 2003, he again visited and performed in the United States. At present, he is a visiting lecturer and examiner at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.


Sushri Vidya Subramnanian

Vidya Subramanian is a Carnatic vocalist based in the Albany, NY area. A disciple of the renowned violinist Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman since 1993, Vidya has performed concerts extensively in India and the USA, including on Queens (NYC) Public Television. Vidya's adherence to classicism, soulful rendition, varied repertoire and her passion for innovation have won listeners' appreciation. Vidya is a graded All India Radio artist, Chennai.

Sri Dattatreya Velanakar

Inspired by his parents, Dattatreya took up Harikatha at a tender age and made his mark as a child prodigy in Harikatha. His tutorship under the world famous Harikatha artiste Sant Bhadragiri Achyutadasji provided the much needed impetus. Dattatreya got an opportunity to do his schooling at Ramakrishna Balakashrama, Mangalore, where his talent further blossomed as a result of constant encouragement by Swami Jitakamanandaji. Recognising the lad’s interest and inclination towards music, Sri. Achyutadasji advised Dattatreya to seek guidance from Hindustani classical music maestro Pt. Vinayak Torvi. Since 1993, Dattatreya has been rigorously trained in music under Pt. Vinayak Torvi. Today, Dattatreya is well-known all over Karnataka and is one of the illustrious students of the revered music teacher. Pt. Vinayak Torvi has blessed Dattatreya with Gandabandhan Deeksha.


Dattatreya is currently visiting LearnQuest Academy as a faculty in residence for the fall 2009 semester.

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