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In Conversation With Binita Patel

Nirmala Garimella

Binita Patel grew up here in the Boston area, and has been here herwhole life.  She currently resides in Framingham, MA. The Boston Globe recently carried some of her photography in their photo section. Lokvani spoke to her on her hobby turned profession.

When did you start taking photography seriously as a career option?

Since childhood, photography has always been an intimate part of my life - an interest passed on to me by my father.  But it wasn’t until I became a parent myself that I decided to turn my passion into a profession.  Having a family of my own and watching my daughter grow up, I want to capture every special moment.  It’s always so nice to be able to look through memorable photographs that can bring a smile to my face. 

It is with this same notion that I started Binita Patel Photography and I haven't looked back!   I take joy in capturing the special moments of others; whether it be excitement of young parents holding their newborn baby, the giggles of playful young children or the first steps of a couple as man and wife.   Life is made up of a series bite-size moments that tend to pass by so quickly, and a photograph can help us capture the memory of that moment for a lifetime. 

Do you have any special area of interest within photography – people, nature, and event etc? Is it different shooting different subjects?

I specialize in Lifestyle & Event photography.  The “Lifestyle” category includes babies, children, families, maternity, couples and individuals.  For a Lifestyle photo session, I go directly to my clients’ home or location of choice.  I always encourage taking photos outdoors – there’s nothing better than natural light!  I don’t typically pose people.  I prefer to take photos that are more natural and comfortable.   When people are just being “themselves” in front of the camera,   I’m much better able to capture photos “in the moment”.  I use these moments to create fresh, modern photos that have their own personality.


The “Events” category can be quite broad, as I do cover events ranging from birthdays, showers, parties, charities, weddings and much more!  During an event, I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible and capture candid moments as they occur.  After all, the event is all about my client and their guests -  I’m only there to help capture a lasting memory of the special day.

What are the skills needed to be a photographer?

First and foremost… a PASSION for photography!!  You’ve got to love what you do.  Other things include: sense of composition, sense of color, understanding of the camera, understanding of digital editing technology, ability to look beyond the obvious, and above all…. patience!


 Do you own your own studio?

No.  I prefer taking photos ‘on-location’, whether it be outdoors or at my clients’ home.  This is very important to me because I believe that the background of the photos truly emphasizes the personality of my client and the photos.  Capturing a child running through the park with a big smile on his face is much more exciting and more accurately portrays his personality than a studio photo.

What cameras do you use and what other accessories?

I take my photos with a Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi.   I have a series of short-range, wide-angle and zoom lenses and filters that I use depending on my needs.   I prefer to take photos using natural light, but for those times when I need my flash I use the Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash.

Finally where do you draw your inspiration for this creative endeavor?’

My husband and daughter are my daily inspiration.  Each day is new and different, and each day brings with it a unique set of family memories.  I truly believe that you don’t need a special occasion to take photos… just capturing the moment is special enough.

What is the best way for the reader to get in touch with you?

The best way to reach is via phone or email.  My email is binita@binitapatelphotography.com You can view my photos and galleries at www.binitapatelphotography.com To read about what’s new and keep up on my latest photo shoots, viewers can also visit my blog at www.binitapatelphotography.com/blog


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