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What day of the week do Halloween Monsters eat their Candy?

On Chewsday!


Which Halloween Characters eats the quickest?

The Goblin


Why are graveyards so noisy?

Because of all the coffin!


Why is Halloween so fun for Ghouls?

Because Halloween is a Ghoul's Best Friend.


Why are skeletons so calm, cool and collected?

Because nothing gets under their skin.


What breed of horse does the Boogie Man ride?

Night Mares.


What's the only music a Halloween Mummy listens to?

Wrap Music.


Why did the Vampire keep falling for the oldest tricks in the book?

Because he's a sucker!


What's the best game to play at Halloween?

Hide and Shriek!


Why aren't Skeletons Stunt Men?

They don't have the guts!


How does a Witch tell time?

With her Witch Watch!


What do ghouls do at garage sales?

They go bargain Haunting.


What do Wizards love about their computers?

The Spell checker!


Why did the Witch put her broom in the washing machine?
She wanted a clean sweep!


What sound does a Witch's cereal make?

Snap, Cackle, and Pop!


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