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Sorboni Banerjee, News Anchor, Channel 7 Weds

Shubhra Chandra

October 9th, 2009 was the date for Sorboni Banerjee's wedding to Jarrod Holbrooke. I met the bride-to-be almost a year ago while outfitting her for the AIF fundraiser dinner in one of my designs. She asked if I did special bridal gowns and we got talking. Over the course of the year, I got to know her and met her entire bridal party. The bridesmaids are wonderful women, warm and beautiful just like the bride. My biggest challenge was working through the fusion of east meets west in a way that would look gorgeous and rich, but not overwhelm the reason why two cultures fuse in marriage. That reason is love, warm hearts willing to embrace the traditions of both families, that are coming together while tying the knot. In this case, Indian-American traditions to wed Texas- American traditions!

Sorboni is a news anchor on Channel 7 Boston and her bridesmaids come from diverse fields, one of them traveling from Scandinavia to be part of this weekend. Anne (one of the bridesmaids) is also on channel news 7, Jarrod (groom) is on Channel 5 news. We started by talking about traditional Indian ceremonies, breaking down to what the bride and her mother (a wonderful American lady who has been to Kolkata many times since the bride's father came from Bengal, originally) wanted. We worked on sketches, colors, fabrics, silhouettes and trims. Yards of Benarasi saris were cut up, hand loomed Baluchari scarves were cut, redesigned and fabrics to match every dress was sourced in India. Jewelry and brocade stoles were matched in Delhi, hand made ties were designed to match the dresses. The fittings took several sittings. The final ensemble will be worn by all this weekend. Against a back drop of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this Columbus Day weekend brings a Tex-India wedding! I am adding initial sketches, renderings and pictures for everyone to see the progression of the work done in the past year. Enjoy!"

Shubhra Designs, LLC

The Wedding

" Sorboni's wedding to Jarrod was at the Castle in the Clouds during Columbus day weekend in New Hampshire. Friday dawned cold and grey over Lake Winnepeasake, but we all got ready by 4 p.m to be at the spot on the mountain side where the wedding ceremony was to be performed. The bride and groom chose to have Hindu rituals as well as a traditional Christian ceremony. At one point the guests were given umbrellas and blankets to keep themselves warm,. But afterward, we all went to the carriage house of this incredible property for cocktails, a wonderful dinner and a lot of dancing to western and hindi songs! The bridal party was resplendent in their outfits till the very end!"

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Sorboni Banerjee, News Anchor, Channel 7 Weds

Against a back drop of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this Columbus Day weekend brought a Tex-India wedding!

Sorboni Banerjee, News Anchor, Channel 7  Weds
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