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Ahimsa - Bharatanatyam Presentation

Press Release


A unique Bharatanatyam presentation
highlighting nonviolence through unity of faith
Jeyanthi Ghatraju’s Natyanjali


When:  Oct. 11, 2009
Time: 3:00 pm
Where: Locke Middle School Auditorium, Billerica, MA

Orchestra - New England musicians
Dancers - students of Natyanjali with a special appearance
by a few New England dance teachers

For information, call Usha Vakil at 781.749.7281.

All proceeds go to Saheli.

About Saheli

Saheli, Friendship for South Asian Women is a group dedicated to helping South Asian women in Boston and surrounding areas. Saheli was founded in 1996 as an affiliate of the India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB). It provides friendship, support, guidance and resources in the areas of career and economic empowerment, physical and mental health, legal and immigration issues, support for families, and social and cultural volunteer opportunities. Our organization gets stronger with every new member and we warmly welcome you to join us

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