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Strings: The Internationally Acclaimed Pop Group Performs In Boston


STRINGS the popular internationally acclaimed  pop/rock band featuring vocalist Faisal Kapadia and guitarist/composer/vocalist Bilal Maqsood will be performing at Boston on June 18th at the Berklee Performance Center. Their singularly different approach to music and lyrics have distinguished them from other pop groups with their songs that revolve round the theme of MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR……..

They are famous for their compositions and have contributed to the OST of Spiderman 2 released in India and Pakistan. Their popularity made them the winners of best band and best album awarded by MTV ASIAN AWARDS for 2008.
Their hit songs include "DHAANI", "CHAAYE CHAAYE", "YEH HAI MERI KAHAANI", "YEH AAKHARI ALVIDAH NA HO" and many more..
 Their latest offering, Beirut, although primarily based on the recent bombings in Beirut, is about the implications that war has on society and its people. Bilal Maqsood comments on the song: “This song is not just about Beirut. It is about what is happening in the world around us. It’s anti-war.” He elaborates that Faisal Kapadia and he, being fathers, were concerned about the younger generation growing up in an increasingly hostile world and the need for them to be more socio-politically conscious. “We didn’t want to promote ourselves; we wanted to promote the subject,” he stresses.
 Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.com or at face value from the Berklee Performance Box Office
Or call Muneeza @ 508-254-5312

Premium Front seating: $100
Premium Seating: $75
Preferred Seating: $50
Great Seating: $35
I'm-so-Glad-I'm-here Seating: $25
Backstage Pass: $30 (you will also need to buy a ticket)

Here is a little taste of Strings:



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