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Bollywood Baatein

Anoop Kumar

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Asin has made a spectacular debut in Bollywood with Ghajini alongside Bolly super star Aamir Khan. Her work is highly appreciated and now the Hindi film producers are lining up to sign her for their films.But throughout the pre-release promotional activities of the flick, Asin was not to be seen. Aamir had strictly told the diva to stay away from the media since he didn't want to reveal her character and maintain the success.But now with her upcoming flick London Dreams, the actress is free to attend the press conferences and meet the media personals. The actress said that without meeting media channels, nothing can be passed onto the people about her. Asin is very excited about the remake offer of Arundhati. Apart from London Dreams, Asin is also busy learning the ancient form of Martial art Kalaripayattu. The Ghajini starlet has signed an International project opposite Kamal Haasan called 19th Step. This is her second film with him after Dashavataram. The film also stars Japanses star Tadanobu Asano in the lead. Sources close to Asin tell us, " Asin will be portraying the role of a warrior princess and hence has been trained in the ancient art. A local instructor trains Asin everyday. This film will be Asin's biggest project till date as the budget of the film is 50 million US dollars and it is based on the theme of the origin of Martial Arts in Kerala. Asin and Kamal Haasan play an important role in safeguarding these Martial Arts of Kerala while Japanese actor Asano plays a blood thirsty Samurai Kenji seeking to conquer the ancient Indian Martial Arts forms of Kalaripayattu (ancestor of Karate).He learns the tough 18 steps and masters the 19th step from an Indian guru played by Kamal Haasan while Asin will play a local princess."


Her confidence and attitude might reflect on her face but Kareena Kapoor seems to claim that she's not arrogant at all. She's said, "The world is yet to understand what is it like being Kareena Kapoor. They are busy making speculations. Let them do so." She makes it clear that she's not happy about the fact that her flop films make a lot of unnecessary news.  She's said, "When any of my film flops, every news channel would run it as a ticker. I guess the case is that I was never an underdog. People and media like those who come from small towns and make it big. They don't like people who are something and manage to achieve bigger things in life. We have to keep innovating ourselves constantly but they enjoy running us down." She's proud of 'Tashan' for which she flaunted her size zero look throughout 2008. She says, "Irrespective of the fact that the movie worked or not; every single bachcha knows about the film — my bikini shot, orange juice diet and… zero figure. Even my daughter will know about the film."


Zoya Akhtar's first film "Luck By Chance" may have got rave reviews, but it has failed to set the cash registers ringing at the box office. Cricket-based film "Victory" by debutant director Ajitpal Mangat too fell flat. Both these medium-budget releases of last week (Jan 30) have proven to be duds in terms of business. Despite much appreciation by critics in India and abroad, “Luck By…” got a slow initial on the opening day with the counters warming up in the evening. The momentum did stay over the weekend, but started dwindling Monday onwards. On the other hand, the cricket drama starring Hurman S. Baweja has proved to be a debacle with no takers at the windows. Despite mixed reviews and some appreciation for Hurman's portrayal of an underdog cricketer, the film couldn't lure audiences. “It doesn't happen with too many movies. Surprisingly, the collections for a genuinely well-made movie like 'Luck By Chance' haven't been as per expectations over the opening weekend. The film has seen a good release but the occupancy at theaters.

Shahid Kapoor belives in growth, innovation, professionalism and touching people's heart. Recently he was in the capital to announce his association with one of the biggest brand Pioneer. Says Shahid, "I have always felt the need to attach myself to brands that exemplify the core values that I try to live up to in everyday life - growth, innovation, professionalism and touching people's heart." The reason why Pioneer signed him is because being a youth icon already, he relates big time to music, dance and masti. Says a source, "Shahid has been signed on as the Brand ambassador for Pioneer. Apparently its for their music systems because Shahid is synonymous with music and fun and the youth. This line caters to the youth that spends most of their time listening to music. The actor has signed the deal for a whopping price! Even in this time of recession, Shahid is the only star who has got his market price, not a penny less."


Despite rendering a good performance in Fashion, Arbaaz Khan’s still finding it difficult to make his mark in Bollywood. The actor who will be seen with Randeep Hooda and Raima Sen in a forthcoming film, has reportedly been extremely upset with its makers for letting his co-stars hog all the limelight in the film and its promotions.  A unit hand of Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye told us, “Arbaaz is very disappointed with the film and its makers, as they have not involved him in any promotional campaigns for the film. Even the poster of the film has very limited exposure for the actor. It’s just Randeep Hooda and Raima Sen who are getting all the attention.” 

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