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IITSINE Annual Social

Press Release

An Evening Full of Entertainment and Delicious Indian Food.

     Indian Institutes of Technology Society in New England (IITSINE) Presents


(A Family Event: Children are welcome)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

United Church of Christ Congregation
6 Lexington Street, Burlington, MA 01803

(Phone: 781-272-4547) 

Buy tickets/reservation using the following link:


              Contributions: Member/Couple ($30/$55), Non Member/Couple ($35/ $60),        

Couple with children ($70), Students ($20)

Note: Pizza will be served for kids

 IITSINE Membership Fees ($35/2years, $150 for life membership)


6:00 PM–7:00 PM : Reception (Delicious Snacks Served)
7:00 PM- 8:00PM:  Entertainment/Cultural Program
8:00 PM- 9:00PM: Indian Dinner
9:00 PM- 9:30PM: Bingo

The IITSINE committee request all  IITians in New England Area (members and nonmembers) to contact the VP's of their respective IIT's or any other Committee member to add or update their latest contact information.

For further information: Please visit www.iitsine.org or contact any of the following committee members:

Manju Aggarwal                      508-755-4475            
Vishwa Shukla            508-643-0735   
Anil Saigal                               781-272-9082             
Rakesh Pandey          508-202-9564
Atul Sharma                            617-501-6380             
Ravi Rastogi               978-692-5634
P. A. Balasubramanian           978-263-3921             
Raj Laad                      781-274-6029            
Anoop Kumar                        781-325-5606               
Dilip Subramanyam    978-635-0165
Kowsigan Delli                       617-551-2723              
Puran Dang                 781-861-7493
Dev Goyal                              914-400-6642

Puran Dang <pdang@minuteman-group.com>
Ravi Rastogi <rsrastogi@gmail.com>      
Bala Balasubramanian <p_a_bala@yahoo.com>
Dilip Subramanyam <Dilip_Subramanyam@bd.com>
Atul Sharma <asharma@nuvera.com>  
Raj Laad <raj_laad@yahoo.com>
Anoop Kumar <anoop@lokvani.com>                   
Manju Aggarwal <vaggarwal@townisp.com>
Anil Saigal <anil@lokvani.com>                             
Dev Goyal  <dev.goyal@gmail.com>

Note: If any student needs transportation from Boston to Burlington, please contact one of the members listed above.

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