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Lokvani Team

Dear Reader

The groundhog has predicted that winter is still 6 weeks away so one must find ways to heat things up. At Lokvani we strive to bring an up-to-date event calendar, a good ticketing system for your events, advertising on products and services that will be useful to you and a good coverage of events and happenings around town. We are the community news hound for you so do send us your feedback and suggestions to help us serve you better.

Meanwhile enjoy the warmth and affection of your loved ones on Valentine's day. Remember that Love is a many splendored thing and it is free !

best wishes and cheers from the Lokvani team

Anil Saigal, Nirmala Garimella, Anoop Kumar and Ranjani Saigal


Meet our sponsor Satya Mitra

The Guru Tax & Financial Services
446 Main Street, 16th Floor
Worcester, MA 01608
Phone: 508.797.0005
Fax: 508.797.0006

Satya Mitra provides tax services to individuals and businesses: tax planning, federal and state tax preparation, and standard and electronic tax filing.  His tax services include tax planning; individual and business federal and state tax preparation; standard and electronic tax filing. Accounting services include Business Bookkeeping, Business consulting, Business Federal and State Tax Preparation, Business startup, Business Tax Planning, Corporations, Debt Reduction Plans, Estate and Gift Tax Planning, Individual Tax Planning, IRAs, Limited Liability Companies, Long-Range Business Planning, Long-Range Personal Planning, Partnerships, Payroll check writing, Payroll registry, Payroll reporting, Payroll services, Rollovers, Roth IRAs, S-Corporations, SEPs, SIMPLEs, Small business consulting, and Standard Tax Filing. His financial services and products are designed to help his clients achieve financial independence through comprehensive financial analysis and planning; risk-tolerance and time-horizon assessments; investment, retirement and college savings plans; and mutual funds.

The Guru Tax and Financial Services has over 600 clients and Mitra takes personal interest in each case and believes in attending to each client with utmost sincerity. It has offices in Worcester and Burlington, MA.

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Satya Mitra

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