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Dear reader

The upcoming weeks are full of activity. we have much to celebrate from Raksha Bandhan and Independance Day to other local events. Watch out for our booth at the India Day celebrations and drop by to say 'Hi' and other non profits at the event. It is your chance to show your support.

The Olympics are round the corner and an Indian Amercian to watch is Raj Bhavsar who made  it to the Olympics Gymnast team USA. A proud moment!
Drop in a line or send us a feature/photo/short story. This is your website and we welcome your contribution


Nirmala Garimella, Ranjani Saigal, Anoop Kumar and Anil Saigal


Meet Our Sponsor - Realtor: Raminder Bhatia

Prudential Suburban Realtors
Residential, Commercial, Investment Properties
Full Time Broker Associate serving
Burlington, Lexington, Bedford, Arlington, Cambridge and others.

Phone: 781-964-9009
email: Raminder.ps.bhatia@gmail.com
web: www.raminderbhatiarealtor.com

Raminder Bhatia of the Prudential Suburban, Realtors was named recipient to the "Honor Society" by the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. for the year 2007. Raminder joined the Prudential Suburban Realtors in 2006. "He has the passion and compassion of meeting customer needs and is excited about the opportunity of serving the real estate needs of Burlington and surrounding communities," said Vincent DeLuca, Broker-Owner of Prudential Suburban, Realtors. "We are glad to have him on our team. His professionalism and hard work has made him one of the top producers of our office in just two short years."

Raminder Bhatia, a Burlington resident for over 31 years, is one of the expert team members of real estate brokers and sales agents at the Prudential Suburban, Realtors in Burlington, MA. Raminder has held his broker's license for over 27 years and specializes in both residential real estate and commercial real estate.

After working in the Hi-Tech field for over 30 years as an engineer, marketing manager and Director of Business Development, Raminder brings his varied and successful experience to the real estate industry. Raminder is a graduate of Iowa State University and of Bentley College with MSEE and MBA degrees, respectively.

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Raminder Bhatia

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