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Dr. Hagelin Reveals The Reality Of The Silent Ruler Of The Universe As Expressed By The Superstring Of The Unified Field

Global Good News staff writer

On the celebration of the Vedic Calendar day Maha Shiva Ratri*, 5 March 2008, Dr. John Hagelin, Raja (Administrator) of Invincible America for the Global Country of World Peace, presented the reality of Shiva as revealed by the Superstring Theory of Quantum Physics. "One of the great things we can celebrate on this day is the understanding and experience of the reality of Maheshvara, of Shiva.

"Maharishi has described the reality of Shiva as 'pure absolute silence', the absolute point-value of consciousness, the singularity of self-referral Transcendental Consciousness," Dr Hagelin said. "And Maharishi described how this absolute silence, located at the very foundation of consciousness, is the silent ruler of the universe, the silent administrator that maintains order throughout the universe."

Dr Hagelin continued, "It is very intriguing however, to consider how this field of uninvolved silence can be the administrator of anything. Maharishi described this extraordinary dichotomy in the context of the shift of the experience from Dirgatamas to Madhuchhandas. 'From the long, drawn, absolute, transcendental silence to the dynamism in that silence.'

"Maharishi described this state as abstractly self-aware, because it is, after all, the field of consciousness in its settled, self-referral state. He said that the knower was there in an abstract sense, and the known was there, and the process of knowing, all were present in a very abstract sense. So the seed of diversity was present within that state of unity."

Dr Hagelin further explained, "Once knower, knowing, and known are there, even in seed form, certainly the relationships between them are also present. And with all these relationships are the shades of meaning associated with Manas, 'mind.' Maharishi said all the relationships of Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas** were there, and that the whole Veda could be discovered within that silence. This was the emergence of the cognition of Madhuchhandas, who brought the light of awareness to that long, drawn silence of Dirgatamas. So the whole Veda actually exists within that transcendental silence of Shiva, and along with Veda, also Vishwa, "the whole universe," as we'll see from the perspective of modern science."

In his discussion of dynamism existing within Shiva, "silent, self-referral, consciousness," Dr Hagelin continued, "Maharishi basically melted the dichotomy of absolute and relative and showed how absolute, abstract silence is really the source of all activity, all relativity, and maintains relativity in perfect order. Shiva is the source and governor of the world. Modern Science would say the same thing in the context of today's Unified Field theories on the Superstring.

"The whole universe is governed by the self-referral, self-interacting dynamics of the Superstring. To take a concrete example, we could consider an apple as comprised of molecules with their constituent atoms, each with a nuclear core, and the nucleus made of quarks. Those quarks are nothing but the reverberations of the Unified Field. The nucleus is nothing but an assemblage of strings, and the atom consisting of the nucleus is nothing but a collection of Superstrings, and the molecules likewise. The whole apple is nothing but a tangled web of string. Nothing but a precipitated form of the Unified Field. When I am eating the apple, it is the Superstring eating the Superstring. It is all absolutely the self-interacting dynamics of unity."

In conclusion, Dr Hagelin remarked, "So unity without becoming diversity, remaining unified within itself, a supersymetric field of silence, governs the whole universe and maintains it eternally in an evolutionary flow. So we see how silence, Shiva, governs the universe from the field of silence."

*Maha Shiva Ratri: Vedic Calendar day celebrating the quality of Nature's intelligence pertaining to silence.

**Rishi, Devata, and Chhandas: Knower, process of knowing, and known, respectively.

Copyright © 2008 Global Good News(sm) Service. Reprinted with permission.

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Dr. John Hagelin is the Raja (Administrator) of Invincible America for the Global Country of World Peace.

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