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Biotech Supply Chain Academy Conference


The Biotech Supply Chain Academy (BioSCA)
Inaugural Conference
September 11-12, 2008
San Francisco Conference Center, CA

The first-of-its-kind event is being designed to provide an exclusive audience of senior-level executives with authoritative insights, best practices and market intelligence about the supply and distribution of biotechnology products. The advisory board members, named by conference co-chairs Devendra Mishra and Tim Salaver include:
* Satish Jha, President of JM Consulting LLC, Chair, the eHealth-Care Foundation.
* Laurel Junk, Vice President of Supply Chain, Amgen
* Philip Kaminsky, Associate Professor in the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department at the University of California, Berkeley
* Timothy L. Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Genentech
* Dave Malenfant, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
* Thomas Panzer, VP Global Supply Chain PS-Biotech, Bayer HealthCare LLC
* Dr. Mahender Singh, Research Director at the MIT-Center of Transportation and Logistics.
The advisory board has announced that the program's theme will be "Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Industry Collaboration - From R&D To Patient Care." The event will bring together professionals from biotech companies, their suppliers, clinical outsourcing companies, distributors, hospitals, doctors, Government Regulatory agencies, 3rd party service providers, academia, industry research organizations, think tanks, management consultants and NGOs. Education, networking and sharing of knowledge and experience will be the hallmark of the event.

Lokvani had a chance to talk to Jha about the upcoming event.

Lokvani: I see some top notch names in Biotech Supply Chain management in your advisory board. Are they also the key speakers?
Jha: Clearly some of them will lead the panels and may be key speakers as well. However, we still are still trying to identify some major contributors to this field.. the emphsis being on the Suppy Chain part of the Biotech business including research. Of course Massachusetts is a major contributor to Biotech and hope some of the key speakers will come from this region. Most importantly, we are looking for some key regulators, technology and India focused experts in the field.
Lokvani: How many speakers and participants do you expect in a two day conference?
Jha: Supply Chain is a very specialised field in Biotech and clearly we expect folks at teh level of directors of supply chain or senior managers to participate. That is not a huge pool and the conference would expect not more than 500 participants. We are looking at about 50 key speakesr and panelists who are making a difference to the field. Of course, we are always open to hearing from anyone who may believe their contributions need to reach out to the Biotech business community.

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