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UANA’s 10th Annual Convention

Press Release

It is with great honor and pleasure that Uttarakhand Association of North America invites you to UANA’s 10th Annual Convention.  Shri (Maj. Gen.) B. C. Khanduri, Chief Minister of the state of Uttarakhand will be the chief guest and keynote speaker. Last year over 500 people from across North America attended the convention in New Jersey.

When: Saturday, July 19th, 2008
Where: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Uttarakhand Association of North America (UANA) brings together people of Uttarakhand origin from all over North America. The convention promotes UANA's mission, which is to:

* Promote awareness of Uttarakhandi ethnic identity and its cultural and spiritual heritage.

* Plan and host periodic conferences and meetings to allow members to learn and share experiences for personal and career development.

* Organize seminars and symposia involving Uttarakhandi youth, as well as youths of other Indian origin, with their American counterparts to discuss the assimilation of the first and second-generation immigrants within the American mainstream.

* Organize events to raise funds for the relief of distress and other charitable causes.

* Organize cultural events involving Uttarakhandi and other Indian traditional and contemporary songs, drama and dance.

 Some of the key attractions of this year’s convention are:

* Live performance of “Nanda Devi Lok Jat”* pilgrimage by UANA members.
* Ethnic food delicacies of Uttarakhand.
* Chance to network, share knowledge and solutions

For the convention brochure or if you have any other questions, please contact Pushp Kumar via email at uanaconvention@uttarakhand.org  or by phone at (607)-821-2765.

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