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Lokvani Talks To Kalpana Chatterjee, Moksha Spa


As you enter into Moksha Spa and Wellness center at Methuen, you have the distinct feeling that you are entering into what promises to be a sublime experience – the ambiance, the décor, the elegant interiors, the lush and warm accessories throughout is inviting and warm. Add to the beautiful, relaxing surroundings are cutting edge spa equipment and top level spa services to  relax and rejuvenate you with massage therapy, facials, skin care, manicure and pedicure (hand and foot), waxing, and more.

We’re a high end spa and wellness center and that’s by design,” said Kalpana Chatterjee, owner of Moksha Spa. “We want to provide great services with a great experience,” she adds. Almost a year and half into business, the spa attracts many mainstream clients who come to experience what the spa promises in its name, ‘a rejuvenation of being”. A tour of the entire spa gives one an idea of the tiny details and thought put into the effort. “I personally visualized the layout and the design of the spa. I researched and traveled and bought items from places like Turkey, India and other regions that I visited to give it the eclectic touch," Kalpana explains.

 “We want to offer something different and unique,” she says” Another thing we offer to our guests are spa parties and couples massage and a high end boutique. Our Wellness packages offer Reiki, hypnotherapy for weight loss and smoking. I always tell my clients that with time and commitment, lot of improvement can be made in your lifestyle” Besides her, her staff consists of Kylie, Debbie, Anna, Fatna, all of whom are certified estheticians with David and Janelle, the massage therapists.

The spa is split up into different room each allotted for pedicure, manicure, facials and massage therapy. Exclusive silk linen reminiscent of exotic places adorn the service stations, with massage and facial rooms, large pedicure thrones with foot baths, waxing rooms and even a relaxation room.Shirodhara, a massage that is traditional to India where warm sesame oil from a copper pot with a nozzle is poured at the centre of your forehead for a soothing feel is one of the spa's specialties.

Kalpana’s interest began at an early age. "I've been fascinated with beauty as long as I can remember," she recalls. "When I was young, I was fascinated with beauty aids  and generally taking care of myself. I just waited for the right moment”. She never let that dream die, and when it was time to start something new, she chose a program with The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics where she earned a license.

There, Kalpana learned the most important skills of skin care and other beauty therapies. The importance of using organic products and the essentials of skin care is the focus at Moksha. “Very often, South Asian women neglect to take care of their skin and that is unfortunate. Age, sun damage and acne can be treated and leave your skin looking young as ever. But that also means taking good care of it daily and sometimes seeking professional help. Aside from that, as an owner I also get that overall emotional satisfaction when, with proper care I can  boost someone's self image," Kalpana points out.

When asked where she sees herself through this, Kalpana surmises the journey will consist of growing her clientele and even educating people on the importance of skin care. "This is my passion “,she explains. "It's important to do what resonates deep within yourself, and what motivates you. I have varied interests ranging from painting to dancing. But Moksha is what I would like to devote my time and where I hope every client goes back satisfied with the way they have been treated.’

Moksha Spa will be hosting an open house on August 3rd, 2008. For more information go to http://www.mokshaspa-wellness.com/

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