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Evolving Traditions: A Celebration Of Indian Music And Dance

Press Release

Evolving Traditions: A Celebration of Indian Music and Dance

When: April 5th, 2008
Time: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Where: Alumni Ballroom, Wellesley College, 106 Central St. Wellesley, MA

With special guest artists:    
Prasant Radhakrishnan, Carnatic Saxophonist
Malini Srinivasan, Bharatnatyam Dancer

Explore the artistic traditions of Southern India in this special one-day presentation of discussion, dance, and music. The featured first-generation Indian-American artists bring to Wellesley a unique sensibility and approach to the Indian performing arts.  While they are both steeped in the traditional techniques of Carnatic music and Bharatnatyam respectively, as contemporary artists, they are also constantly evolving within those traditions, pushing the boundaries of their artforms even as they uphold their 3,000 year-old intricacies and tenets.  Their live performances will be preceded by a morning panel discussion that will offer audiences an opportunity to engage in the cultural and artistic perspectives of the artists, gaining insight into the dilemmas at the core of their work, namely the creative tension between preservation and change.  


10:30AM:     Welcome
Panel discussion
Change vs. Preservation: Dilemmas of Traditional Artists in a Changing Cultural Landscape
Featuring: Prasant Radhakrishnan, Malini Srinivasan, Jothi Raghavan
Moderator: Professor Neelima Shukla-Bhatt

12 PM:        Lunch Break

1 PM:    Ode to Love’s Arrows
Bharatnatyam Concert featuring Malini Srinivasan and Jayamangala Music Group

2:30 PM:    Tea Break

3 PM:        Carnatic Saxophone by Prasant Radhakrishnan and troupe

About the Artists:

Prasant Radhakrishnan (www.prasantmusic.com) is a versatile saxophonist identified with both the South Indian Classical (Carnatic) and Jazz disciplines.  The foremost disciple of Carnatic saxophone pioneer, "Padmashri" Kadri Gopalnath, he has given numerous solo concerts internationally, including regular concerts at the Chennai December music season in leading sabha organizations.  His three albums, Swara Sudha, Duality, and East Facing, have received critical acclaim and wide appreciation from listeners. From June 2004-March 2005, as a recipient of the coveted American Institute of India Studies Senior Performing Arts Fellowship, Prasant undertook deeper study of Carnatic music and theory under several famous Carnatic music masters while innovating new saxophone techniques and traveling all over India giving concerts and lecture demonstrations.  Since 2005, he has been based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where his Carnatic-jazz band, VidyA, has established itself as an adventurous new voice on the music scene.  Prasant will be accompanied by young mrudangam maestro, Rohan Krishnamurthy and veteran violinist B.U. Ganeshprasad.  

Malini Srinivasan (www.malinisrinivasan.com) is 3rd generation Bharatnatyam dancer and teacher, having studied Bharatnatyam with her mother and grandmother from childhood. She is the disciple of the eminent Sri C.V. Chandrasekhar (Chennai) and has intensively studied not only Bharatnatyam, but a range of allied disciplines, including yoga, martial arts, nattuvangam, and music.  She has performed solo Bharatanatyam in India, the US and Europe to wide acclaim, as well as with leading companies in the US, including Padmini Chettur, Ragamala, and Rajika Puri and dancers. Malini is a Dance Lecturer at SUNY Stony Brook and on the Dance Faculty of the Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.  Malini will be accompanied by the Jayamangala Music Group of Maryland.

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