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Poem: Magic Of Colours

Ashok Srivastava

Dear Readers of LOKVANI
The Festival of HOLI is round the corner.
I hope you will celebrate HOLI with Colours.
Colours catch my EYES, paint my IMAGINATION and fill my DREAMS.
On the occasion of HOLI, I wish to send you my Poem MAGIC OF COLOURS.
Enjoy & Play with Colours !
Happy HOLI !

By Ashok Srivastava
Thanks to EYES, that we can LOOK & FEEL colours
Thanks to MIND, that we can DREAM & PEEL colours

Thanks to HAND, that we can MIX & MATCH colours
Thanks to CAMERA, that we can CAPTURE & CATCH colours

Thanks to INTERNET, that we can EMAIL & TRANSMIT colours
Thanks to DESIGNER, that we can FASHION & FIT colours

Thanks to TAILOR, that we can CUT & STITCH colours
Thanks to MODEL, that we can DISPLAY & PITCH colours

Thanks to WOMAN, that we can GOWN & ATTIRE colours
Thanks to JEWELLERY, that we can DIAMOND & SAFFIRE colours

Thanks to GEM, that we can RING & STRING colours
Thanks to ROSE, that we can RED & PINK colours

Thanks to GARDEN, that we can SOW & GROW colours
Thanks to BUTTERFLY, that we can FLY & SHOW colours

Thanks to SEASON, that we can SPRING & SNOW colours
Thanks to STARS, that we can TWINKLE & GLOW colours

Thanks to RAINBOW, that we can REFRACT & REFLECT colours
Thanks to BOUQUET, that we can SELECT & COLLECT colours

Thanks to WINE, that we can BLEND & TASTE colours
Thanks to DIWALI, that we can IGNITE & ESCALATE colours

Thanks to HOLI, that we can RUB & SHINE colours
Thanks to CHRISTMAS, that we can DANCE & DINE colours

Thanks to FRIENDS, that we can TOAST & CELEBRATE colours
Thanks to GOD, that we can LOVE & APPRECIATE colours

May your life be filled with your CHOICEST COLOURS !

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Poem: Magic Of Colours

On the festive occasion of Holi!

Poem: Magic Of Colours

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