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Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathy Homam

Press Release

We are conducting Vancha Kalpalatha Ganapathy Homam as a start for our temple. We request your participation with your family & friends to obtain blessings from Lord Ganesha.

Place:  Sadhu Vaswani Center 1827 Bridge Street, Dracut MA
Date & Time: March 30, 2008 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Ikyamadyam pruthakthesham brahmananam pruthakdhiyam

Nirvairathatha jayetha samvadhagnif  praseedhathu:

This Ganapathy Homam is based on the system of "Sri Vidya"(Shaktha padhati:);  The Mantras are extracted from Rig and Yajur Vedas. This "Mantra" has 4 paryayas and each one has thirteen mantras. The recitation of all the 52 Mantras will complete one repetition. This Mantra is very unique in nature, as it contains several powerful Bijaksharas.  The literal meaning of  Vancha= "Desire"  &  Kalpalatha= "Divine Wish Yielding Creeper";   This is specially meant for "Unity,Universal brotherhood &  peace"

We need your help in organizing and conducting functions for your Temple.
For further assistance call 603-275-0039 or 603-889-2080 or 603-429-4315.

Dear Devotees:
We are at the planning stage of building a Hindu Temple in the greater Nashua area. We need your help to accomplish this for our Hindu community. We are looking for a temporary place to start as a place of worship. (To have our poojas and bhajans) until we find a permanent place.

•    We have a Priest Sri Lakshmana Sasthrigal to do poojas for all your religious needs. He is available to conduct all your functions
•    We will have the website Up and Running – www.hindutemplenh.org
•    We need a place
•    We need volunteers to accomplish our goal.
•    We need your generous donations for your temple.

Hindu temple of New Hampshire Inc.
PO Box 7041, Nashua NH 03062

Contact one of the following people for further Details:

Usha Dwarakanath    udwarak@comcast.net
Veeramani         rveeramani@gmail.com
Dharmarajan        vdharmarajan@hotmail.com
Subramony        subramony@hotmail.com
Karthi Chandra    karthi@comcast.net
Please help. Your donations are Tax Deductable.

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