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Profile: The Man To Watch - Ravi Agarwal

Diana La Vigne

Bostonian Ravi Agarwal has begun to spread his wings in recent years to become one of Boston’s most notable businessmen to watch.  His name has been in numerous magazines and newspapers, he has lectured around the country, was selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as a “Top 10 Entrepreneur Under 30” and received an “Indus Star Award” from India New England for outstanding New England businessperson. He is the man to watch!

  Born in rural India, Ravi came to the Boston area with his family when he was 11 years old.  After graduating from Methuen High School, Ravi went on to complete his Bachelor of Science in Plastics Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics at UMass Lowell.  Currently, Ravi resides in Boston’s Back Bay and has become an adventurer during his personal time.  He enjoys scuba diving, soccer, indoor & outdoor rock climbing, is a sailing instructor, and recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Also, he is an amateur photographer and captured his African adventure on film.

  “I feel it is important to balance your life and to continue to give back into the community.” States Ravi Agarwal, “ Imagine a world where everyone gives back just a little into the community.  It would be amazing!”

  Once Mr. Agarwal left college, he joined one of the top Fortune 500 companies, GE. While at GE, Ravi completed the well-respected ‘Technical Leadership Program’ and closed a 1 million dollar deal. After 2 years at GE, Ravi was ready for the challenge of starting his own company.  Ravi’s first company, BizLand (www.bizland.com), started as a 1-person operation focused on helping businesses with credit card processing.  Next, Ravi assisted in hiring an experienced CEO and became the Chairman.  He led BizLand to become a 145-person business with over 1 million customers that use their services to strengthen and create an online presence for their own business.  BizLand has been covered as a top visited web site by CNBC and mentioned in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, The Standard, Business Week, Information Week and The Boston Business Journal. 

  After seeing the success achieved at BizLand, Ravi decided to take on another challenge and started Argus Care Technologies (www.arguscare.com).  Argus Care assists local companies by providing a wide range of information technology services including network consulting and installation, routine maintenance, and backing up data. With his major accomplishments professionally, Ravi has still found time to help out with regional causes and organizations. 

  Ravi was a founding member of the non-profit organization, Samta (www.samta.org) which he is actively assisting with their outreach and fundraising efforts.  Samta is a non-profit organization that helps high school students socially, academically, and professionally. 

  Additionally, he has dedicated his time to help in the production of the annual Tie Conference as the Chair of the Content Group and as part of the conference’s core team.  Ravi’s role involves recruiting and facilitation of booking top notch and quality speakers for the annual conference.

  Ravi adds, “I have met some of the most extraordinary people thru my volunteer work.  The work is so personally rewarding as well. I will continue to volunteer throughout my life”.

Even while on an extended vacation to Africa, Mr. Agarwal felt it important to continue making contributions.  Mr. Agarwal volunteered his time to provide computer training for the Arusha Meru Secondary School, to teach sports to underprivileged kids at Children for Children's Future, and to help implement an AIDS awareness program at the Arusha Secondary School.

  It is clear to see that Ravi Agarwal’s energy is boundless. His enthusiasm level is high. He is bright, talented, and surrounds himself with good people.  Ravi Agarwal is a community leader in business as well as in his personal life. He’s known as a leader locally but I suspect this 28 year old will be known nationally in the very near future.  He is a great role model for Indian-Americans and all who cross his path.


  Contact Information:

Ravi Agarwal, CEO & President, Argus Care, Inc.

529 Main Street, Suite 110, Boston, MA 02129

PH (617) 242-8260  FX (617) 262-2412 E-mail   Ravi@ArgusCare.com


Diana La Vigne

123 SE 3rd Ave, #337

Miami, FL 33131

PH 305.460.3144  FX 954.565.8127  E-mail    Lavigne@post.harvard.edu



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Ravi Agarwal

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