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Interview With Ananth Ram

Ranjani Saigal

As I wait to meet Ananth Ram for an interview, I form a mental image of fast talker ready to sell anything! But I was in for surprise! Anant Ram the realtor is a simple down to earth, honest, kind and caring individual who makes very clear that he is selling “homes” and not “houses”. His career has taken interesting paths and currently he is a realtor who works for RE/MAX First Choice.

His academic training is in the area of Mining engineering. He moved to the United States after having a successful career in mining engineering in Goa, India. “I moved to the United States in 1986 with my wife and two children. Now my children are married and settled and I am now a proud grandpa of a wonderful little one” says Ananth Ram. “I started a grocery a while ago in Framingham, MA by the name of RVCS. Reliability Value Customer Satisfaction is what it stands for and that has been my motto for that and my realty business.“

When asked about how he got into this business he had an interesting reply. “I was searching for a house at one point and I was not treated well by one of the realtors. She refused to show me a house that I wanted to see for she automatically assumed I could not afford it. I decided that I would like to be a realtor so that the Indian American community can get someone who cares and someone who they can trust. This is more of a service than a job for me. It is not the money but the satisfaction of settling people in good homes that makes my life worth it.”

I questioned him on his philosophy on the purchase process. “I try to understand the needs of my customer first. For example there was a couple who wanted to buy property in a particular town. But after talking to them and understanding their careers a little better, I realized that another town would be better for them and in fact my suggestions changed their plans completely. They now are very happy where they are“ says Ananth Ram.

I question him about money issues relating to real estate. “I am extremely sensitive of financial needs,” said Ram. “I always make recommendation for a house purchase that will not cause unnecessary financial stress. Before deciding on the right house to buy I work to get a clear understanding of people’s finances. I point out expenses that people miss. For example an India trip can cost several thousand dollars and we have to account for that. Of course in all this confidentiality is key and I information I gather is used only for providing the right house.”

“So is your job done when the sale is over?” “ I never feel my job is done right after the sale happens. I follow through. I make sure that people are always happy with the property they purchase. I tried to provide them some community connections including information on baby sitters and plumbers”

When asked about his personal interests he said, “ I love my family. I enjoy spending time with my grandchild. I like music. I attend concerts. But I am very interested in people. That is why I enjoy my job so much. It is my mission to help my fellow compatriots.”

At the end of the conversation I felt pleased at having met a realtor who approaches his business with care and consideration and turns real estate business partly into community service. If you have a question for Mr. Ananth Ram on real estate issues, please post it in the comments section of this article.

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Ananth Ram

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